Our Team

Children at the May Center School are surrounded by caring, highly trained professionals seeking to improve the quality of life of the students in their care.


The school’s staff are uniquely qualified to provide the level of specialized care that enables each child with autism spectrum disorder or related disabilities to make significant and ongoing improvements in behavior, communication, and social skills. These improvements result from the tireless work of the staff combined with our uncompromising commitment to the highest standards.


School staff include:

  • Doctoral-level clinical directors, Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs), and educational administration by certified special education administrators
  • Consulting physician and psychiatrist and on-site registered nurses
  • Master’s-level certified special education teachers
  • Master’s-level behavior specialists, BCBAs, and Board Certified Associate Behavior Analysts (BCaBAs)
  • A family service staff specializing in autism and applied behavior analysis (ABA)
  • Adapted physical education, art, and music teachers
  • Vocational director and coordinators, and job coaches
  • Allied health therapists (occupational, physical, and speech)
  • Pre- and post-doctoral interns


Our senior leadership team includes:

Abbey Carreau, Ph.D., LABA, BCBA
Executive Director

Nicole Barlow, M.A., M.Ed.
Assistant Executive Director

Kara Driscoll, M.A., LABA, BCBA
Clinical Director

Jessica Cohenour, Ph.D., LABA, BDBA-D
Clinical Director

Melissa Drifke, Ph.D., BCBA
Clinical Director

Mimi Theodore, J.D., Ph.D., BCBA, LBA
Clinical Director

Jacob Richardson, M.Ed., LABA, BCBA
Clinical Director

Sangya Karkee, M.S.
Director of Family Services

Matthew Page
Director of Residential Services