Residential Life


Our Residences, at a Glance

At the May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities, we offer:

  • A 12-month, year-round program
  • Individualized programs for autistic children and adolescents geared toward developing self-care and other independent living skills
  • Close coordination between residential staff and classroom teachers
  • 1:2 daytime staff-student ratio; 1:4 ratio at night
  • Strong emphasis on family visits, events, and communication
  • On-call nurse and administrator at all times
  • Carefully monitored transition periods for new residential students

Home Life

For families who need more intensive support for their children, the May Center School can combine day school services with residential living in one of our community-based homes.

We recognize that the decision to move a child to a residential program can be a difficult one for families. Our staff work diligently to address the needs and concerns of families before, during, and after a move. They create a home-away-from-home that is safe and nurturing, where caring for and about each child is the first priority.

Through every aspect of a child’s residential experience, we emphasize home-family interaction and communication, relying on a strong partnership to nurture and support each child.

Each day in a residence is designed to reflect a typical day for any child. It begins with breakfast and getting ready for school, and involves the hustle and bustle of a houseful of children in the morning.

Children come home from school to snacks and playtime, homework, chores, and shared meals. They take part in typical weekend outings to local stores, restaurants, and movies where they strengthen and generalize independent living skills. And they have fun!

The life skills that all students practice during their time in our residential programs — good health and hygiene, meal planning and preparation, budgeting, and appropriate social interaction — help prepare them to successfully transition into a more independent environment.