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Equity in Education

It can be difficult to know where to start with regards to creating a culturally responsive, equitable educational experience for students. McIntosh, Girvan, Horner, Smolkowski, and Sugai (2018) recommend a 5-point approach, including: reviewing disaggregated data; implementing a preventative, multitiered, and culturally responsive behavioral framework; providing engaging instruction; and developing policies with accountability.

Check out these resources to help your team to embed equity into your PBIS efforts. 



Practices: Equity & Culturally Responsive Classrooms




Student Engagement 

This has been a challenging year for student engagement with academics AND school in general. Yet, we still have a few months left in the academic year. This is an opportune time for your PBIS team to review and share strategies focused on engagement with your teaching community.

This webinar reviewed strategies and supports for increasing student attendance both in-person and virtually through tracking and monitoring, increasing student engagement, and function-based interventions. An exemplar school district, Gardner Public Schools, shared their process of creating district and building levelsupports to increase attendance throughout the district.

Check out the resources below and help your school to finish the year strong.

Consider these: 

Here are some additional teacher academic resources to keep your virtual teaching toolbox fresh.   


Even in the most typical of years, after any break is when students forget the school expectations or start testing limits again. It can sometimes feel like we’re back at the beginning of the school year. This is a great time for your PBIS team to set the tone for the rest of the acadmic year and to boost morale. 


Mid-Year Boosters

Some strategies your team may want to consider are: 

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