Community Involvement

We want all of our students to be able to experience and participate in the many opportunities the world around them has to offer.

We work to build the skills our students need to participate in community-based activities. At the May Center School, we want our students to enjoy a rich, full life by participating in the world around them!

We strongly encourage community-based activities, both as a way to learn about the community and to offer opportunities to learn and practice important skills. May students participate in community activities during the week to work on IEP objectives, such as shopping, ordering food, banking, going to the library, or riding public transportation.

In addition, students participate in a variety of leisure activities on a regular basis. These activities may include recreational outings, visiting museums, and trips to malls, movies, restaurants, or shopping.

When a student participates in community activities, he or she is supervised at all times, and learns all necessary safety procedures. For example, children riding bicycles must all wear helmets and learn bicycle safety rules. Students who participate in community outings practice safety guidelines with teachers to increase their independence. As students learn to become more self-reliant, supervision is reduced. No student is left unsupervised in the community without the prior consent of the family.