National Autism Center & Global Services

May Institute Offers a Wide Range of National and International Services,
Support, and Training.


The National Autism Center at May (NAC) is dedicated to disseminating evidence-based information about autism and offering comprehensive and reliable resources for families, practitioners, and communities. NAC provides free live and on-demand webinars to parents and care providers about subjects of interest. We also offer parent and Educator manuals, virtual consultations, and in-school consultations. For practitioners, we provide training and consultations. To learn more, click here:

Our global autism services include customizable onsite and remote training and consultation focused on autism spectrum disorder and applied behavior analysis for organizations, governments, professionals, and parents. 

We also offer technical assistance to governmental agencies regarding systems of care, including diagnosis, treatment, and operational management of services. Recent partnerships have included organizations from Oman, UAE, China, and Singapore. Learn more here.