Our global work includes customizable onsite and remote training and consultation services focused on autism spectrum disorderand other developmental disabilities for parents and professionals.

We also offer technical assistance to governmental agencies regarding systems of care, including diagnosis, treatment, and operational management of services. Recent partnerships have included organizations from Oman, UAE, China, and Singapore.

Training and Consultation Services for Professionals, Families, Government, and Non-Government agencies

At May Institute or in home country

On-site training

  • National Standards, evidenced-based care for autism
  • Basic applied behavior analysis (ABA)
  • Diagnosis, Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS), Modified Checklist for Autism in Toddlers (M-CHAT)
  • Parent training
  • Inclusion
  • Adult Services
  • Other topics as requested

Technical assistance and training in best practices for autism services

  • The development of systems of care to meet the needs of children and/or adults with autism
  • How to provide the highest standards of behavior analytical services for children and/or adults with autism in a variety of settings
  • Start-up and training services for new programs for autism

Autism Treatment Services to Individual Children 

At May Institute or in home country

  • In the child's home environment
  • Remotely using video and web-based telehealth
  • In one of our U.S.-based autism schools

Intensive Applied Behavior Analysis Training for Clinicians and Professionals

For Individuals and Groups: U.S.-based training for a Master’s degree in behavior analysis from May Institute/Endicott College program with supervised experience at May Institute (1 or 2 year commitment)

For Groups: Intensive training in home country in behavior analysis; training at both the basic and advanced level (6 weeks)

For Individuals: Remote training for board certification as a behavior analyst or a registered behavior therapist

Research Collaboration and Consultation

Includes consultation on design of research studies


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