Adult Services

Our May Centers for Adult Services in Massachusetts provide a wide range of community-based services for autistic adults of all ages, and adults with other developmental disabilities.

These services include more than 100 residential group homes and supported living apartments, day habilitation programs, and vocational training and supported employment. Our dedicated, experienced staff are committed to providing respectful, effective, and supportive services within community settings. Download flyer here.


Ashley lives in a local May residence and attends the day habilitation program. Part of a close-knit family, Ashley was happy when she learned of her sister’s engagement and was excited when asked by her sister to serve as maid of honor. Although Ashley is nonverbal, the family was confident of the expertise of May Institute staff, who were eager to help Ashley serve in this important role and make it memorable.



When Sokha’s mother contacted May Institute about her wish for her son to become a naturalized U.S. citizen, it raised questions about how Sokha would be able to do this. After all, his verbal capacity is extremely limited; he cannot speak or process complex language. The citizenship test requires passing a 20-question oral civics exam and a recitation of the Oath of Allegiance.



"Mike is my younger brother, the second of three siblings. We knew from day one that Mike was special. Our parents chose to raise us all with the same amount of love and  attention, but we understood that Mike would need a little more."