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Helping an Individual with Intellectual Disabilities Set Up a Budget [West Springfield Republican (3/23/23)]
"With appropriate support, establishing a budget with an adult with ID can be empowering because it allows them to protect and plan for their financial future," says Margaret Walsh, M.A., BCBA, Director of Clinical Services for the May Center for Adult Services in Western Massachusetts. more

ADDP: This is our Why, 2023 Calendar includes May Institute Student Art
May Institute is honored to have art for our May Center School in Randolph, Mass. represent January "Equal Rights for All" page. And thank you to the students who created these powerful art pieces. more

Personal Style Development: Encouraging Individuals with Special Needs to Look and Feel Their Best [West Springfield Republican (2/23/23)]
"For those of us who care for these individuals, it is important to remember that if we make choices for them, we might be denying them the opportunity to engage in self-discovery and personal style development" says Dr. Sarah Weddle, Divisional Director of Clinical Services and Training for May Institute. more

Individualizing Academic Instruction for Students with Special Needs [West Springfield Republican (1/26/23)]
"While individualization is a principle of good teaching," says Jenna Garvey, M.ED., LABA, BCBA, Clinical Director at the May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities in Chicopee, Mass.,"it's a requirement in the field of special education, because instruction is specially designed to meet the needs of the learner." more

Residential Schools: Still Riding the Pandemic Wave [New England Psychologist (1/10/23)]
Matt Riley, Psy.D, BCBA, Vice President of Educational Services for May Institute in Randolph, Mass., reported that his facility enacted dynamic policies and procedures, based on the unpredictable status of the pandemic. more

New May Center School for Autism Opens in Chicopee [New England Psychologist (1/06/23)]
“Our comprehensive team is able to look at an individual’s skill sets and research what curriculums are out there to make sure that we’re using the best empirically validated research and curriculum to provide support for each of our kids.” ...Erica Kearney, M.A., LABA, BCBA, Executive Director of the May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities in Chicopee, Mass. more

Make Sure Holiday Activities are Fun and Safe for Children with Special Needs [West Springfield Republican (12/22/22)]
Erica Kearney, M.A., LABA, BCBA, Executive Director of the May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities in Chicopee, Mass., offers tips that parents, providers, and teachers can use to make holiday activities fun and educational for children with special needs. more

A Closer Look: Supporting Students Impacted by Interrupted Learning [The Daily Item (12/13/22)]
"Any disruption of learning, whether it is caused by a pandemic or a long holiday break, poses a unique set of challenges for special education students – especially those with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other developmental disabilities," says Andrea Gold, Ph.D., BCBA-D, Executive Director of The Bay School, one of May Institute's five special education schools in Massachusetts and California. more

Taking a Child with Autism or Other Special Needs Out to Eat [West Springfield Republican (11/24/22)]
Bridget Anderson, M.Ed., BCBA, Executive Director at the May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities in West Springfield, offers tips to make dining out with children with special needs a more enjoyable experience. more

Annual Charter Cup Fishing Tournament [Cape Cod Life (12/01/22)]

Lynnfield Family Grateful for May Center [The Daily Item (11/15/22)]
Giovanni and Lorenzo Amico, brothers from Lynnfield, Mass., both have autism spectrum disorder. After receiving early intervention services and applied behavior therapy provided by May Institute clinicians, both are now thriving in public schools. more

Helping Adults with Special Needs Prepare for the Holidays [The Daily Item (11/14/22) ]
Justin Kelly, M.A., LMHC, Director of Clinical Services for May Institute's Eastern Massachusetts Adult Services, offers tips to make the upcoming holidays more enjoyable for adults with special needs. This column was published in the Lynn Daily Item. more

Oluokun Loves Making an Impact [The Provider (11/22)]

The Top 100 Women-Led Businesses in Massachusetts 2022 [bostonglobemagazine (10/28/22) ]
May Institute was named number 31 on The Women’s Edge 2022 list of Top 100 Women-Led Businesses in Massachusetts. more

Grocery Shopping Can Be a Learning Opportunity [West Springfield Republican (10/27/22) ]
"Grocery shopping can provide many opportunities to teach children with autism functional skills such as waiting, counting, following written or verbal directions, safety skills, and more," advises Brittany Juban, Ph.D., LABA, BCBA-D, Clinical Director at the May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities in West Springfield, Mass. more

A Closer Look at Diagnosing Autism Spectrum Disorder [West Springfield Republican (09/29/22) ]
The cause of ASD is not yet fully understood, and there is no definitive medical test or assessment for it. There are, however, many different factors that may make an ASD diagnosis more likely, including environmental, biological, and genetic factors. more

Helping Those with Special Needs Cope in a Post-COVID World [ (09/27/22) ]
Justin Kelly, M.A., LHMC, offers tips to help individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities readjust to being back in the world after lengthy COVID quarantines. more

A Closer Look: What is "Profound Autism"? [West Springfield Republican (08/17/22) ]
Laura Noland, M.Ed., BCBA, explains that the purpose of the "profound autism" designation is to better identify individuals who have long-term, intensive care needs in order to promote expanded research, treatment, and policy aimed to support this vulnerable population. more

A Closer Look: No Easy Answers to the Inclusion Question [ (08/10/22) ]
For most families and educational teams, making the decision about inclusion for a child with special needs is not easy. Some of these students benefit from inclusion; some do not. The decision must be made on a case-by-case basis. Erica Kearney, M.A., LABA, BCBA discusses many factors to consider. more

A Closer Look: What Happens When I'm Not Here? A Looming Question for Many Parents of Children with Special Needs [West Springfield Republican (07/21/22) ]
For parents worried about what will happen to their child when they are not around, the process of obtaining guardianship is not the primary concern. Rather, “Who will be the guardian?” is the question causing anxiety. more

A Closer Look: Making July 4th More Enjoyable for Children with Autism [ (06/28/22) ]
Sarah A. Weddle, Ph.D., LABA, BCBA-D, offers tips to increase the likelihood the 4th of July will be fun for children with autism or related disabilities - and their families! more

A Closer Look: What is a Rogers Guardianship for "Incapacitated" Adults with Special Needs? [West Springfield Republican (06/22/22) ]
Some adults living with an intellectual disability (ID) such as autism are also diagnosed with a mental illness and take anti-psychotic medications to treat their mental illness. Those who are unable to make their own “informed choices” deserve the support of a person looking out for their well-being. more

May Keeps it Positive in Lynn Schools [The Daily Item (05/09/22) ]
Sometimes, the best way to curb negative behavior is to offer something positive. At Ingalls School, students are re- sponding well to Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS), thanks to a partnership with May Institute. As a result, the school is seeing reductions in problem behav- iors, office referrals and suspensions, and increases in on-task engagement and academic achievement. more

A Closer Look: Is it Functional? Teaching and Encouraging Functional Skills for Adults with Disabilities [West Springfield Republican (05/18/22) ]
Teaching and encouraging functional skills will increase the quality of life and independence of the individuals in our care. more

OPINION: Dealing with Problematic Behaviors Associated with Autism [The Daily Item (05/17/22) ]
From infancy, most typically developing people learn to get their needs met by communicating with others. However, when a communication disorder such as autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is present, a person may not have the necessary communication skills to convey their needs in a socially appropriate way. Jenna Garvey explores ways to understand behaviors and how to meet the needs of an individual with autism. more

A Closer Look at The Facts About Autism Spectrum Disorder [ (04/06/22) ]
May Institute's Erica Kearney, M.A., LABA, BCBA, answers questions about autism spectrum disorder. more

Santa Cruz Artist and The Bay School Team Up for Autism Awareness Month [Santa Cruz Sentinel (04/04/22) ]
“We want to make school a very fun and engaging place to be, so having art projects available for students to walk by and explore throughout the school day just brought another layer of engagement to their school day,” said Laura Noland, Director of Community Engagement and Development for The Bay School. more

A Closer Look: Teaching a Child with Autism to Read [Randolph Herald, Canton Journal, Stoughton Journal Sun, Holbrook Sun (03/20/22) ]
Jenna Garvey, M.Ed., LABA, BCBA, Clinical Director at the May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities in West Springfield, Mass., offers tip to help parents, caregivers, and educators teach a child with autism to read. more

A Closer Look: Pica: A Dangerous Eating Disorder [West Springfield Republican (03/31/22) ]
"A person with pica may eat dirt, rocks, screws, nails, hair, crayons, glue, cleaning supplies, plastic, erasers, buttons, paint chips, chalk, wood, glass, needles, rubber bands, cigarette ends, and/or pieces of metal," says Dr. Jennifer Zarcone, May Institute's Chief Clinical Officer. "While some of these items may not lead to significant medical complications, others can cause poisoning, bowel obstructions or perforations, malnutrition, and even death." more

Comcast Newsmakers: Individuals Living With Autism And Other Developmental Disabilities Can Thrive [Comcast Newsmakers (03/21/22)]
On Comcast Newsmakers: Individuals Living With Autism And Other Developmental Disabilities Can Thrive with Marc D'Amore of May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities The number of children diagnosed with autism has been rising for many years. May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities provides services that help children, adolescents, adults and families. Executive Director Marc D'Amore explains. more

A Closer Look: Rising Autism Rates Underscore Need for Early Intervention [West Springfield Republican (02/24/22), Randolph Herald, Canton Journal, Stoughton Journal, and Holbrook Sun,, (02/28/22)]
A new estimate released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that one in 44 U.S. children is now diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). "Given the current prevalence, pediatricians and other pediatric health service providers...should be well-versed in identifying autism symptoms in early childhood and supporting families in accessing diagnostic and treatment services," says Sarah Connolly, Ph.D., BCBA-D, May Institute's Director of Early Intervention. more

A Closer: Guardians Have Important Role [West Springfield Republican (01/20/22)]
"Being a guardian can be a challenging job," says Margaret Walsh, M.A., BCBA, Director of Clinical Services for the May Center for Adult Services in Western Massachusetts. "Helping adults with ID and their teams make informed decisions requires an understanding of complex issues and the ability to advocate for the individuals' best interests." more

Surviving COVID-19: Residential Schools Find Ways to Weather the Pandemic [New England Psychologist, 01/08/22]
May Institute's Ivy Chong, Ph.D., BCBA, M.B.A., Senior Vice President of Children's Services, offers commentary about how May Center Schools navigated learning during COVID-19. more

Standardized Autism Spectrum Disorder Standards Created [New England Psychologist , 01/05/22]
May Institute Senior Vice President of Children's Services, Ivy Chong, Ph.D., BCBA-D, M.B.A., is leading a global effort to enhance care for autism. more

Kamana Promoted [Santa Cruz Sentinel, (01/23/22) ]
Bertilde “Bee” Kamana, Ph.D., BCBA, has been named Director of Education and Clinical Services at The Bay School in Santa Cruz. more

Randolph Special Needs Student Earns Eagle Scout by Fixing Fine Furnishings for Feathered Friends [Randolph Herald, Canton Journal, Stoughton Journal Sun, Holbrook Sun (01/03/22) ]
Maxwell Stecker, a Life Scout in Randolph's Troop 47, reached the summit of his Eagle Scout service project on Saturday, Dec. 4, 2021. He is a student at the May Center School in Randolph. more

A Closer Look: Preparing Students with Special Needs for Vaccinations [Stoughton Journal Sun, (12/7/21), West Springfield Republican, (12/16/21)]
Justine Butler, a Registered Nurse who works at the May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities in West Springfield, Mass., offers advice to families who want to make vaccination appointments successful. more

A Closer Look: Preparing Your Child with Autism for a Holiday Meal [Stoughton Journal Sun, 11/29/21]
"With a little bit of preparation, everyone can enjoy holiday meals this year and look forward to many more in the future," says Jenna Garvey M.Ed. LABA, BCBA, Clinical Director at the May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities in West Springfield, Mass. more

Nonprofit Women Leaders Take Nearly Half of Top 100 Spots [massnonprofit news, 11/10/21]
May Institute was one of 47 nonprofits that made the Commonwealth Institute's Top 100 Women-Led Businesses in Massachusetts list in 2021. more

The 2021 Top 100 Women-Led Businesses in Massachusetts [Globe Magazine, 11/7/21]
The Commonwealth Institute and the Globe Magazine partner to name the most noteworthy companies and nonprofits helmed by women. May Institute places 35th on the list; honored for sixth consecutive year. more

A Closer Look: How to Identify, Address, and Prevent Online Bullying [Wicked Local Journal Sun, 10/8/21]
Unfortunately, the increase in online activity over the past several months has created more opportunities for bullies, and many children and teens have become exposed to online bullying during this time. Whitney Kleinert, Ph.D., LP, LABA, BCBA-D, May Institute's Director of School Consultation, offers tips to help parents and caregivers recognize, address, and prevent online bullying. more

International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement Launches the First-Ever Global Standard Set to Enhance Care for Autism Spectrum Disorder [Autism Spectrum News, 9/24/21]
“It was a privilege and incredibly humbling to chair the working group for the development of the ASDSS," said Chong. Ivy Chong, Ph.D., BCBA-D, M.B.A., May Institute's Senior Vice President of Children's Services and chair of the ICHOM working group. "While we recognize this set is a work in progress, I hope the adoption and implementation of these standards will align patients, providers, and payers alike, to drive access to an enhanced standard of care for individuals, no matter the setting.” more

A Closer Look: Back to School 2021 [Wicked Local Journal Sun, 9/2/21]
"Since the pandemic started last year, the beginning of a new school year may include an overwhelming feeling of uncertainty about what our children’s school experiences will be in the future," says Erica Kearney, M.A., LABA, BCBA, Executive Director of the May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities in West Springfield, Mass. "The good news is we all have pandemic experience and have learned a lot along the way." more

A Closer Look: Prevent Drownings by Focusing on Safety [Wicked Local Journal Sun, 8/20/21]
"Ensuring water safety is important for all parents and caregivers, but special considerations may be helpful for those who have children with autism spectrum disorder or other developmental disabilities," says Jenna Garvey, M.Ed., BCBA, Clinical Director at the May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities. more

A Closer Look: Helping Adults with Intellectual Disabilities Travel Safely This Summer [Wicked Local Journal Sun, 7/16/21]
"Adults with ID can travel safely, especially if they are vaccinated, but it is important to have realistic travel plans that take into consideration the reality of COVID-19," says Margaret Walsh, M.A., BCBA, Director of Clinical Services at the May Center for Adult Services in Western Massachusetts. more

Collaborative Mosaic Honors Mother, Son [Santa Cruz Sentinel, 6/29/21]
Instructor Ross Platts and teacher Stephanie Iwanciow work with student Kevin Cruz at The Bay School as a new collaborative mosaic designed by Linda Piera rises colorfully in the background. more

A Closer Look: Positive and Negative Reinforcement [Wicked Local Journal Sun, 6/20/21]
"By thinking of reinforcement as a process of adding or removing things from the learning situation, we can increase behaviors we want to see more," says Brittany Juban, Ph.D., LABA, BCBA-D, Clinical Director of the May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities in West Springfield, Mass. more

A Closer Look: What to Consider When Moving to a Group Home [Wicked Local Journal Sun, 5/15/21]
If an adult with intellectual disabilities has been living at home and receiving individualized care most of his (or her) life, choosing a new living arrangement can be difficult. Margaret Walsh, M.A., BCBA, Director of Clinical Services for the May Center for Adult Services in Western Massachusetts, offers helpful advice for caregivers. more

A Closer Look: Venturing Out After a Year of Staying Home [Wicked Local Journal Sun, 4/25/21]
May Institute's Erica Kearney offers tips to help children with special needs adjust and reset their expectations as they return to school and the community. "Stay focused on the positive aspects of reemerging from the pandemic," she advises. more

A Closer Look: Is This the Time to Bring a Pet? [Wicked Local Journal Sun, 3/21/21]
How can you determine if now is the right time to bring a dog or a cat (or another animal) into your home? more

A Closer Look: Fun, Non-electronic Indoor Activities for COVID-19 Winter [Wicked Local Stoughton, 1/23/21]
Many families are looking for new ways to keep their children busy and happy during the long, cold winter months. This can be especially challenging for those who are trying to limit the amount of time their children spend watching TV or playing games on electronic devices. more

A Closer Look: Include Special Needs Children in Family Holiday Activities [Wicked Local Journal Sun, 12/19/20]
While many of us will be staying home for the holidays this year, we can still enjoy some fun and safe activities that everyone in the family - including children with special needs - can participate in. more

A Closer Look: How to Stay Connected This Holiday Season [Wicked Local Journal Sun, 11/21/20]
"While we may not be able to be with family in person, do not let this barrier stand in the way of virtually sharing your love and appreciation for one another," says Sarah Frampton, May Institute's Director of Clinical Services and Training. more

Staying Connected During the Holidays [West Springfield Republican, 11/12/20]
Sarah Frampton, May Institute's Director of Skill Acquisition, offers suggestions for staying connected with family members while practicing social distancing during the pandemic. more

The 2020 Top 100 Women-Led Businesses in Massachusetts [Globe Magazine, 11/6/20]
The Commonwealth Institute and the Globe Magazine partner to name the most noteworthy companies and nonprofits helmed by women. May Institute places 30th on the list; honored for fifth consecutive year. more

A Closer Look: Addressing Problem Behaviors at Home During COVID-19 [Wicked Local Stoughton, 11/4/20]
May Institute's Cara L. Phillips, Ph.D., BCBA-D, offers insights and tips to help parents address their children's problem behaviors at home as we continue to be challenged by the COVID-19 pandemic. more

A Closer Look: Special Halloween Considerations for Those on the Spectrum [Wicked Local Randolph, 10/28/20]
Sarah Weddle, Ph.D., LABA, BCBA-D, May Institute's Director of Outreach and Behavioral Support, offers tips to help families have a fun and safe Halloween during the pandemic. more

Classroom, Remote, or Hybrid? May Institute Offers Tips to Help Parents Address Back-to-school Transitions for Neurotypical Children and Those with Special Needs [, 9/23/20]
Dr. Whitney Kleinert, Director of School Consultation at May Institute, offers advice about how to support students as they adjust to changing models and methods for learning. This information was published in dozens of media outlets across the country. more

A Closer Look: Addressing "Unplanned Stress" of an Autism Diagnosis [Wicked Local Randolph, 9/13/20]
Dr. Jason Neely offers suggestions for parents who are beginning the journey of raising a child with autism spectrum disorder. more

Is Your Family Ready to Return to the Community? [West Springfield Republican, 8/20/20]
Brittany Juban, Ph.D., LABA, BCBA-D, Clinical Director at the May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities in West Springfield, Mass., offers tips to help prepare children for a safe and enjoyable reentry. more

A Closer Look: Preparing Students for School with New COVID-19 Precautions [Wicked Local Stoughton, 8/19/20]
Erica Kearney, M.A., LABA, BCBA, Executive Director of the May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities in West Springfield, Mass., offers tips for creating a successful back-to-school experience for our children. more

Solutions to Problem Behaviors at Home [Boston Parents Paper, 08/01/20]
"Many parents may have noticed their children acting out more during these long days at home." wrote May Institute's Cara L. Phillips, Ph.D., BCBA-D. She offers insights and tips to help parents address misbehaving children as we continue to be challenged by the COVID-19 pandemic. more

Innovations in Remote Learning at the May Institute [To be published in the Verbal Behavior Special Interest Group (VB SIG) Newsletter]
This article addresses how May Institute has responded to the challenges of remote learning with rapid innovation to meet the needs of its students. Thank you to the VB SIG for allowing us to share the work pre-publication. more

Charter Cup Fishing Tournament Raises Over 155K [Cape, 7/23/20]
May Institute is one of 11 nonprofit organizations that will benefit from the 4th Annual Charter Cup Fishing Tournament fundraiser. more

Workforce Spotlight: May Institute's COVID Crew [Providers' Council: The Caring Force Blog, 7/17/20]
As residents and staff in several of May Institute’s adult residences tested positive for COVID-19, this group of four stepped in to cover shifts round-the-clock, keeping the individuals served safe and cared for with consistent staffing, and filling in as infected staff took care of themselves and quarantined until they were better. more

A Closer Look: Adults with ASD Cope with COVID-19 [Wicked Local Holbrook, 7/15/20]
Meg Walsh, M.A., BCBA, Director of Clinical Services at the May Center for Adult Services in Western Massachusetts, offers advice for helping adults with autism spectrum disorder deal with their emotional responses to the COVID-19 pandemic. more

May Institute Offers Tips for Stay-at-Home Activities for Children with Autism [Chicago Daily Herald, 6/24/20]
Brittany Juban, Ph.D., BCBA-D, LABA, Clinical Director at the May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities in West Springfield, Mass., offers suggestions for fun at-home summer activities. This article was published in dozens of media outlets across the country. more

A Closer Look: Keeping Children with Autism Safe on the Internet [Wicked Local Randolph, 6/10/20]
"With children spending more time than ever online during the COVID-19 pandemic, we need to make sure they are safe in cyberspace," wrote May Institute's Jenna Garvey, LABA, BCBA, in a column published in the Randolph Herald. more

Mass Appeal: Home Schooling a Child With Autism [Mass, 6/1/20]
For more than two months parents have been home schooling their kids, and while most parents aren’t teachers they’ve been able to manage. However, for parents of children with autism, these past many weeks have been very difficult as teaching a special needs students takes a very specialized background and training. Brittany Juban, Clinical Director at the May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities in West Springfield addresses some of the concerns parents of autistic children may be facing. more

A Closer Look: Supporting Students with Special Needs at Home [West Springfield Republican, 5/14/20]
Throughout Massachusetts – and across the country – parents and guardians whose children can no longer attend school are facing the challenge of educating and entertaining their young students at home. As many caregivers have discovered over the past few weeks, this can be a daunting task! more

'She Risks Exposure' For The Needs of Students: Braintree Hero [, 5/4/20]
When times are tough, heroes emerge. We all know someone who's making a difference right now as we live through unprecedented times. Shaelin Roffey is a residential staff member at the May Center School in Randolph that serves students with autism and developmental disabilities. more

A Closer Look: Supporting Students with Special Needs at Home During Pandemic [Wicked Local Randolph, 4/22/20]
May Institute's Leah Kaufman, an occupational therapist, and Marja Ruderman, a speech language pathologist, recommend websites and offer tips to help parents and guardians working with special needs students at home. more

Commentary: Autism Needs Remain Constant During COVID-19 Crisis; so Does the Need for Autism Awareness [The Provider, 4/1/20]
As we move into and through April, it is not surprising that calls for increased awareness of autism, earlier diagnoses, and intensive interventions are all but drowned out by the urgency of the public health crisis we are facing. But those of us whose jobs revolve around providing services to individuals with disabilities fully recognize that the needs of this community are constant, despite the world changing around us.  more

A Closer Look: Can Medications Be Helpful for Children with Autism? [Randolph Herald, 4/1/20]
Many parents of children with autism struggle with the decision to use psychotropic medication to address their child’s behavioral concerns. May Institute's Dr. Jennifer Zarcone offers some advice. more

A Closer Look: Helping Individuals with Special Needs Stay Healthy During the COVID-19 Pandemic [West Springfield Republican, 3/19/20]
During the COVID-19 pandemic, those of us in the human services field are closely following the recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). At May Institute, we are also taking additional steps to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of the children, adolescents, and adults we serve. more

A Closer Look: Teaching a Child with Autism to Read [West Springfield Republican, 2/27/20]
There are many different approaches to reading instruction, and selecting the best method for any learner can feel like a daunting task. Jenna Garvey, Clinical Director at the May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities in Springfield, Mass., offers some guidance. more

Lynn School District is Working to Improve Student Behavior [, 1/12/20]
“What we’re trying to do is equip students with the tools that they need in order to be successful, behaviorally and socially, at school and in the community,” said Erik Maki, a clinical consultant with May Institute, a nonprofit that specializes in the field of behavioral analysis and has worked with the district to implement PBIS in its schools. more

A Closer Look: Internet Safety for Children with Autism [West Springfield Republican, 1/30/20]
So much of today’s communication occurs in the digital realm. We need to be aware of a new set of considerations in order to keep our children safe on the internet. more

A Closer Look: An Alternative Voice for Those with Communication Challenges [Wicked Local Randolph, 1/22/20]
Brittany Belanger, Rachel Flaherty and Marja Ruderman, Speech-Language Pathologists at the May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities in Randolph, Mass., provide information about augmentative and alternative communication (AAC). more

How to Support a Friend With an Autistic Child [Jewish Boston, 1/10/20]
Nancy Marin, who has a 16-year-old son with autism, along with Beth Segal, Assistant Clinical Director at the May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities in Randolph, Mass., offer tips for including autistic kids in family outings, friend celebrations, and social events. more

A Closer Look: Helping Adults with Intellectual Disabilities Develop Problem-solving Skills [West Springfield Republican, 1/2/20]
Adults with ID have a right to have a say in major life decisions, and their lives are diminished every time a decision is made for them without their input. more

A Closer Look: Tips for hosting a child with autism during the holidays [Wicked Local Canton, 12/19/19]
Sarah Frampton, M.A., BCBA, Director of Skill Acquisition for May Institute, offers tips for making the holidays merrier for children with autism and developmental disabilities who are away from home. more

How to Prepare for a Holiday Party with a Child with Autism [WBZ Radio 1030AM, 12/17/19]
Sarah Frampton, M.A., BCBA, Director of Skill Acquisition at May Institute, talks to WBZ's Kim Tunnicliffe about the challenges of attending a holiday party with a child with autism at someone else's house, in unfamiliar surroundings. more

Kids With Autism Celebrate The Holidays With 'Sensitive Santa' in Foxborough [WBZ NewsRadio, 12/9/19]
Ali Schroeder, BCBA, Assistant Clinical Director at the May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities in Randolph, Mass., was interviewed by WBZ NewsRadio's Shari Small during a Sensitive Santa event at Bass Pro Shops in Foxborough. more

The 2019 Top 100 Women-Led Businesses in Massachusetts [Boston Globe Magazine, 11/8/19]
The Commonwealth Institute and the Globe Magazine partner to name the most noteworthy companies and nonprofits helmed by women. May Institute was number 33 on the list this year! more

May Institute's JaMM Program Featured in Cape & Plymouth Business Magazine [Cape & Plymouth Business, 10/28/19]
JaMM enables current employees to build on their experience as direct service providers and PCs, become even better at their jobs, and prepare to take on more challenging, higher paying management opportunities. more

Dr. Ivy Chong Offers Tips for Halloween on WBZ NewsRadio [WBZ NewsRadio, 10/30/19]
Dr. Ivy Chong spoke with WBZ NewsRadio's Kim Tunnicliffe about some precautions communities can take on Halloween to help care for their neighbors with autism. more

Dr. Cynthia Anderson and her Research Featured in New England Psychologist [New England Psychologist, 10/10/19]
"Throughout my career," said Dr. Anderson, "I’ve been passionate about disseminating evidence-based practice and, particularly, better understanding what it takes for a research-supported practice to be adopted and sustained in real-world settings. This passion led me to my current role at May Institute." more

A Closer Look: Why Does My Child Behave That Way? [Holbrook Sun, 9/4/19]
Jenna Garvey, Clinical Director at the May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities in West Springfield, Mass., explains the functions of behaviors. more

Randolph: Police Department Donates Money to Two Local Autism Charities [95.7FMWATD, 8/27/19]
The Department started selling autism awareness patches in April. In total, 312 patches were sold, raising $3,120; $2,620 was donated to the May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities in Randolph. more

May Institute a Beneficiary of Charter Cup Fishing Tournament Fundraiser [capecodtoday, 8/06/19]
The 3rd Annual Charter Cup Fishing Tournament raised more than $120,000 for eleven local non-profits. more

WGBY "Connecting Point" Covers May Center's Collaborative Cleanup [PBS_WGBY, 7/31/19]
Staff and families from the May Center for Early Intervention in West Springfield, Mass., joined volunteers from other area organizations for a “Meet Us at the Park” event to help clean up Chestnut Street Park in Holyoke, Mass. more

May Institute Receives $7,000 Grant to Address Community Needs [massnonprofit news, 7/11/19]
May Institute was one of 57 area nonprofit organizations awarded a grant from The Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts to address community needs in arts and culture, education, the environment, health, housing, and human services. more

A Closer Look: Helping Students With Autism Make the Most of Summer [Randolph Herald, 6/26/19]
Dr. Brittany Juban offers tips to help students with autism and their families transition into summer. more

A Closer Look: Dispelling Common Misperceptions About Autism [Canton Journal, 6/19/19]
Common misperceptions about autism persist. To reduce confusion, Dr. Cynthia Anderson and other clinical experts at May Institute offer key takeaways from the latest research and clinical findings. more

Boston Globe Publishes Dr. Cynthia Anderson's Letter to the Editor - "We Have to Push Back About Vaccine Misinformation" [Boston Globe, 5/19/19]
Even as the number of unvaccinated children increases, autism diagnosis rates continue to rise. The fact is, depriving a child of the MMR vaccine will not help him or her avoid a diagnosis of autism, but it could place that child’s health at significant risk. more

WBZ-TV's Nick Giovinni Interviews Dr. Cynthia Anderson [WBZ 4 Your Community, 5/11/19]
Cynthia Anderson, PhD., BCBA-D, Director of May Institute's National Autism Center, discusses the challenges adults with autism may experience as they work to develop skills that will enable them to become more independent. more

Raynham Business Honored For Commitment To Hiring People With Disabilities [WBZ Boston, 4/4/19]
May Institute's partnership with VERC Enterprises was featured in a WBZ/CBS Boston TV segment that featured Randolph May Center student Abby, her Job Coach Kim Higgins, and the Center's Executive Director, Cheryl White. more

Dr. Cynthia Anderson Addresses Autism Awareness on KRLD Radio [KRLD Radio, 4/2/19]
Cynthia Anderson, PhD., BCBA-D, Director of May Institute's National Autism Center, discussed the prevalence, diagnosis, and treatment of autism on April 2, World Autism Awareness Day. more

A Closer Look: Distracted Driving Deadly for Teens [Patriot Ledger, 3/26/19]
“Not only is it [texting and driving] dangerous, it is illegal in many states, including Massachusetts, where people caught texting and driving pay a $100 fine for the first offense,” says Jennifer Derderian, Clinical Director of May Institute’s school for children with brain injury and neurobehavioral disorders in Brockton. more

Podcast Features May Center for ABA Services in Randolph [Studio BZ, 3/6/19]
A Studio BZ podcast includes an interview conducted by WBZ's Paula Evans with Keith and Carol Noe whose son received services at the May Center for ABA Services in Randolph, Mass. more

Eye on Education: Parents Thank 'Top Teacher' at May Institute [WBZ Boston, 3/4/19]
WBZ/CBS Boston TV's Eye on Education program featured "Top Teacher" Ann Essig, Assistant Clinical Director of Center-based Services in Randolph, and a family receiving services at the Center. more

Florence Displaced Family Makes Best of Hotel Life at Christmas [, 12/25/18]
Colleen Wedden and her family recently attended the Sensitive Santa event held by May Institute in Jacksonville, N.C., which allowed some holiday fun that also met the special needs of two of her children. Staff from the May Center for ABA Services in Jacksonville have been providing the children with services at their hotel. more

Teen Continues Amazing Recovery After Devastating Car Crash [WCVB TV 12/20/18]
Bauer Hockey of Exeter, NH, helped Brockton student Gage Senter celebrate his return to the ice with some very special gifts. more

Documentary Short: ‘Our baby is going to the prom. One that you didn’t expect would ever go to a prom.’ [Boston Globe, 12/10/18]
Sophia and Peter, students from the May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities in Randolph, Mass., star in “Dance with Me,” a short documentary produced by the Boston Globe. This film captures their lives in the weeks leading up to, and during, the school prom. It’s a beautiful, real, and unfiltered piece that offers an often unseen window into a special moment of their lives. more

'Sensitive Santa' Meets Autistic Children in Foxborough [Boston Globe, 12/08/18]
Unlike a traditional visit to Santa, this one had no singing carolers or booming Christmas music. The photographers didn’t use noisy bells to get children to look at the camera, but rather held up stuffed animals and waved them near the lens. “We want to minimize the sensory overload for some of the kids,” said Mary Tiernan, Senior Vice President of Philanthropy for May Institute. more

Expanding Services, Horizons, for Kids with Autism [Lowell Sun, 12/3/18]
"We are delighted to be expanding our early intensive behavioral program for children with ASD," said Ivy Chong, Senior Vice President of Home, School, and Center-based Services for May Institute. more

Personalized Learning for Exceptional Students: How Massachusetts schools use music, yoga, and more to inspire exceptional students [Exceptional Parent, November 2018]
This article, by maaps Executive Director Jim Major, features the May Center School in Randolph and Paul Simeone, Director of Rehabilitation Services, working with our student Tyler to provide onsite yoga classes. more

Tips for Helping Children on Autism Spectrum Enjoy Holidays [Randolph Herald, 11/30/18]
With a little advanced planning, we can all help families make the holidays happier for their children with special needs. more

ABC World News Features Brockton Student in "America Strong" Segment [11/19/18]
"I feel like the old me," says Gage Senter, a student at the May Center for Brain Injury and Neurobehavioral Disorders. more

Brockton Student Gage Senter Featured in ABC News Online Article [11/19/18]
After experiencing a traumatic brain injury and undergoing 22 months of rehabilitation, former hockey player Gage Senter made a triumphant return to the ice. He has become a role model at the May Center School for Brain Injury in Brockton, Mass., for other young people with serious brain injuries. more

Teen Hockey Player Returns to the Ice After Suffering Traumatic Brain Injury in Accident: 'I feel great' [ABC News Radio, 11/19/18]
Brockton student Gage Senter's success story was featured in a nationally syndicated story on ABC News Radio. more

WCVB's 5 On Your Health Features Brockton Student [11/15/18]
Following a devastating car crash that left him with a traumatic brain injury, Gage Senter had to re-learn how to walk, talk, and skate. Stacey Sirotta, his physical therapist at the May Center School for Brain Injury and Neurobehavioral Disorders, helped the former hockey player achieve his dream of returning to the ice. more

A Closer Look: Tips for Getting Picky Eaters to Try New Foods [The Patriot Ledger, 11/13/18]
Erica Kearney, M.A., LABA, BCBA, Executive Director of the May Center School for Children with Autism and Developmental Disabilities in West Springfield, Mass., encourages parents to be persistent and patient as they introduce new foods to their "selective" eaters. more

May Institute's Prom Featured During Globe Live Event [11/6/18]
Members of the Boston Globe's video team shared "Dance With Me," a short documentary that featured two young adults at the May Institute Prom. more

Semifinalists Announced in "The Arc Tank 2.0" Competition [PRNewswire, 10/30/18]
Paul Simeone, Director of Rehabilitation at our May Center School in Randolph, represented May Institute as a semifinalist in The Ark Tank competition with his ASSERT Program. ASSERT is helping train second responders in western Massachusetts provide informed care to people with ASD during times of emergency. more

Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities Can and Should Vote! [The Canton Journal, 10/19/18]
"It is vitally important that those of us who care for and about individuals with ID teach them that they have the right to vote and that their vote matters," writes Meg Walsh, Clinical Director for the western Massachusetts division of the May Center for Adult Services, in a column published in The Canton Journal. more

The Bottom Line on Women in the Corner Office [Boston Globe, 10/15/18]
A closer look at the companies that made the 2018 list of the Top 100 Women-Led Businesses in Massachusetts. May Institute was #30 on the list this year! more

Autism Walk Aims at Raising Awareness and Funds at Westfield's Stanley Park, Sept. 22 [West Springfield Republican, 9/17/18]
Thousands of families affected by autism will gather at Stanley Park to raise awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorder - as well as funds - through the Western New England Autism Speaks Walk. more

Charter Cup Fishing Tournament Raises Over 75K for Local Charities [Cape Cod Times, 09/05/18]
The second annual Charter Cup Fishing Tournament raised awareness and more than $75,000 for nine local nonprofit agencies on Cape Cod, including May Institute. more

Summer Activity Tips for Children on Autism Spectrum [Randolph Herald, 7/20/18]
May Institute Occupational Therapist Kathleen Wilkinson recommends outside water games as opportunities to encourage children to work on gross motor, fine motor, and play skills. more

4 Your Community: May Institute WBZ-TV's Anaridis Rodriguez talks to Dr. Cynthia Anderson [7/26/18]
Senior VP of Applied Behavior Analysis, Dr. Cynthia Anderson, discusses May Institute's local, national, and international impact on the diagnosis and treatment of autism. more

Randolph SwAMP Camp Inspires New Passion for Learning [The Patriot Ledger, 7/12/18]
May Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities celebrates third year running a Science with Art, Math & Problem Solving Camp for students. more

Taking Turns Can Help a Child's Language Development [Randolph Herald, 6/19/18]
Paul Simeone, MA, CCC-SLP, Director of Allied Health Services at the May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities in Randolph, authored a column about taking turns that was published in the Randolph Herald, Canton Journal, Holbrook Sun, and Stoughton Journal. more

Preventing Brain Injury [The Patriot Ledger, 6/7/18]
Jennifer Derderian, Clinical Director of the May Center School for Brain Injury and Neurobehavioral Disorders, provides information about brain injury and how to prevent it. (This column was also published in Wicked Local papers covering the towns of Abington, Bellingham, Brookline, Cohasset, Duxbury, Franklin, Halifax-Plympton, Hanover, Hanson, Hull, Mattapoisett, Medfield, Medway, Middleborough, Norfolk, Pembroke, Plainville, Plymouth, Plympton, Randolph, Rochester, Sharon, Walpole, Wellesley, West Bridgewater, Westwood, and Weymouth.) more

Randolph-based May Institute Named a Nonprofit Excellence Award Finalist [Randolph Herald, 6/4/18]
May Institute was selected as a finalist for the 2018 Nonprofit Excellence Award in Collaboration by the Massachusetts Nonprofit Network. more

Dr. Cynthia Anderson Promotes Autism Awareness on Boston Herald Radio [5/7/18]
Cynthia Anderson, Senior Vice President Of Applied Behavior Analysis At May Institute, joins Morning Meeting to talk about Autism Awareness Month. more

Evidence vs. Speculation: How to Know Which ASD Therapies Work [Autism Parenting Magazine, 5/3/18]
"The National Standards Project, Phase 2, which is the largest review of autism research to date, includes a list of groups that provide systematic reviews of autism research..." more

A Closer Look: Taking Turns Can Positively Impact a Child's Language Development [Randolph Herald, 4/24/18]
A recent MIT study showed that the areas of the brain involved in speech production and language development were more activated when the child took turns conversing with another person. more

World Autism Awareness Day: May Institute Featured on NECN [4/2/18]
May Institute President and CEO Lauren C. Solotar, Ph.D., ABPP, joined NECN's Sue O'Connell to discuss the benefits of early diagnosis and other autism-related topics on World Autism Awareness Day. more

Expert From May Institute Discusses Autism Causes, Treatments [3/30/18]
Dr. Lauren Solotar, president and CEO of the May Institute in Massachusetts, visited WBZ-TV on Thursday to discuss autism. The world-renowned center provides services to children and adults on the autism spectrum. more

BayCoast Bank donates $5K to SMART Therapy Room at FCCF [Providence Business News, 12/18/17]
The donation paid for various pieces of equipment to help kids with sensory-regulation challenges. Items used at the center include a trampoline, cushions and therapeutic materials for sensory regulation. more

Pie Day is an Employee Celebration Before Thanksgiving [Patriot Ledger, 11/16/17]
Judges are sequestered while tasting the pies, paying close attention to the taste, crust, presentation, and consistency. more

The Vast Majority of Students With Disabilities Don’t Get a College Degree; How Better Soft Skills Might Boost Low College Persistence and Employment Rates [The Hechinger Report, 11/11/17]
Schools recognize the importance of such soft skills, but often have to prioritize students’ other needs, including academic, social and emotional, said Alice Shillingsburg, a board-certified behavior analyst and an assistant director for the National Autism Center. more

Creation of a Centralized Resource for Autism Intervention; May Institute’s National Autism Center Earns Recognition From the U.S. State Department, CARF [Promising Practices, Innovation in Human Services, 10/31/17]
The need for objective, centralized information about the safety, history, and outcomes of interventions had become critical. We confronted the need for evidence-based practice standards by founding the National Autism Center (NAC)... more

The 2017 Top 100 Women-led Businesses in Massachusetts [Boston Globe Magazine, 10/27/17]
The Commonwealth Institute and the Globe Magazine partner to name the most noteworthy companies and nonprofits helmed by women. May Institute ranked #17! more

Schools Will Dole Out ‘Restorative Justice’ [Boston Herald, 10/27/17]

Focus on Training Parents to Handle Autistic Kids [Oman Bulletin, 10/16/17]
In partnership with May Institute, the Oman Ministry of Health recently held a workshop on "Strategies to Deal with Autistic Children for Parents." more

Ministry of Health Organizes Autism Workshop for Parents [Times of Oman, 10/16/17]
Ralph B. Sperry, Ph.D., ABPP, and Robert B. Putnam, Ph.D., LABA, BCBA-D, represented May Institute at a two-day workshop that included lectures on autism, ways to improve pro-social behavior and decreasing challenging behavior, as well as alternative and augmentative communication. more

A Closer Look: Helping People with Communication Disorders Make Themselves Understood [Randolph Herald, 10/6/17]
Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) can help people with a variety of communication needs learn how to communicate and participate more meaningfully in life. more

Curry College is Proud to Announce our Partnership with May Institute [7/18/17]
As your partner, we have the common goal of serving the larger community outside of Curry College. Those with disabilities are dedicated and hard working. We look forward to growing our partnership with the May Institute. more

May Institute Receives Signature Employment Grant [Randolph Herald, 07/17/17]
May Institute has received a two-year, $250,000 Signature Employment Grant from Kessler Foundation to help fund a "Meaningful Jobs" initiative. more

May Institute Awarded $250,000 to Advance Employment for People with Autism [massnonprofit news, 07/11/17]
“One of our goals is to develop guidelines for best practices on how to create a positive work environment for people with ASD...” more

IIP-Sponsored Visit Addresses Autism in Oman [State_Magazine|In The News, June 2017]
"In January, Dr. Ralph Sperry from the National Autism Center (NAC) and two other clinicians visited Muscat, the capital of Oman, courtesy of the Bureau of International Information Programs (IIP)." more

May Center School Makes Move for Better Location in Wilmington [Lowell Sun, 06/01/17]
"Part of our long term goal is really to get the students to be able to be back in those settings, because that's the most beneficial to be able to have access to their own community," March said. "But in the meantime we want to make sure we're providing them the best services." more

PHOTOS: May Center School For Children with Autism Joins The Wilmington Community [Wilmington Apple, 05/26/17]
The ribbon is cut! A ribbon-cutting and Open House was recently held at the May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities to celebrate the opening of the school in Wilmington. more

May Center School Holds Ribbon-cutting [Wilmington Advocate, 05/19/17]
"A ribbon-cutting and open house was recently held at the May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities to celebrate the opening of the school in Wilmington. more

May Center Autism, Developmental Disabilities School Moves to Wilmington [Wilmington Advocate, 05/02/17]
“The town of Wilmington has been warm and welcoming. We hope many members of the community will be able to join us for our formal ribbon-cutting and open house on Friday, May 12, from 1 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.” more

In-depth: Bay Area Mothers Discuss Raising Children with Moderate-to-Severe Autism [KRON 4, San Francisco, CA, 04/24/17]
A number of mothers from the Bay Area sat down with Alecia Reid to discuss raising autistic children on the moderate to severe end of the spectrum. They say it is a job for a community of people working to help their children gain independence. more

Where's Wilmington - Ep 110. the May Center School [WCTV Wilmington, 04/01/17]
Lisa talks with Jaimie March & Jessica Szczechowicz from the May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities; and parent Kelly Feliciano. more

Letter to the Editor: May, WORK Inc. form Center for Integrated Adult Autism Services [The Provider, 04/01/17]
The issue of providing support to these young adults is real, and most experts agree that it will only intensify in the coming years. This program is demonstrating ways in which those supports can be extended for future success. more

Marblehead School's Behavior Program Fosters Positive Change [Marblehead Reporter, 01/19/17]
"Research shows you can improve behavior up to 80 percent just by pointing out what someone is doing correctly," she said. "When you create that culture, research shows kids do better emotionally and academically." more

School For Autism & Developmental Disabilities To Open In Wilmington [Wilmington Apple, 01/18/17]
“The job that you’re doing is wonderful,” remarked School Committee member Peggy Kane. “I’m personally glad you’re moving to Wilmington.” more

Tie up with U.S Body to Aid Autistic Kids [Oman Daily Observer, 01/15/17]
The Ministry of Health is collaborating with a US-based institute to provide more specialised services to autistic children. The tie-up with the National Autism Center of May Institute, Boston, US, is aimed at the development of children with autism spectrum disorder and other neuro-development disorders. more

PBIS Night for Parents at MHS [Marblehead Reporter, 01/10/17]
District level administrators and Christine Downs from the May Institute will also be joining the crowd to provide an overview of PBIS and the connection to social-emotional learning, and how parents can support the PBIS school-home connection. more

10 Years of the iPhone: How Apple Changed Pretty Much Everything in the Enterprise [CIO, 01/08/17]
Supporting iPhones in particular and Apple products in general, according to Kevin More, CIO of the healthcare and human services non-profit May Institute, is still not exactly a walk in the park, but the rewards are usually worth it. more

Workshop on How to Use Autism Assessment Tool [Oman Daily Observer, 01/08/17]
The three-day workshop includes several working papers presented by experts in the field of ASD from US to train doctors on the clinical skills and the best methods in diagnosing Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) using ADOS. more

Comm. Foundation of Western Massachusetts Awards $1.3M [, 12/31/16]
“These grants are a tremendous investment in our community and in the nonprofits that under take this important work. We are fortunate to have generous donors and committed volunteers to make this investment possible,” said Community Foundation Senior Program Officer Sheila Toto. more

Behavioral Traps and How to Avoid Them [Republican, 12/28/16]
There are times in which safety becomes a factor, or the social context of a given situation may require you to "give in" and do something you would rather not do. However, there are some steps you can take to help yourself avoid falling into this kind of situation. more

Cummings Properties Employees Choose Local Charities for $326,000 in Donations [Woburn Patch, 12/27/16]
It’s the most wonderful time of the year at Cummings Properties. Employees are invited each November to select local charities to receive $1,000 each from the local real estate company through its Employee Directed Giving program. more

Breakthrough Communication Apps Give Hope to Autistic Students [Bright, 12/14/16]
“The goal with anything involving communication is always to find more ways for students to do more and to have more autonomy,” said Ethan Kichura, an education technology specialist at the May Institute..." more

Sensitive Santa Meets Children With Autism In Foxboro [CBS Boston, 12/10/16]
Bass Pro Shops and the May Institute partnered up to bring children with autism a special Santa experience for the second year in a row. more

Stores Offer Quiet Shopping for Families of Kids with Autism [CNN, 12/09/16]
Though the holiday season is a favorite for many people, crowded stores full of shoppers running for the last toy on the shelf can be stressful. For families of those on the autism spectrum, shopping can be nearly impossible — and especially during the holidays. more

How You Can Help Children With Autism Enjoy the Holiday Season [Bay State Parent, 12/02/16]
We celebrate with music, prayer, decorations, twinkling lights, gifts, and food — so many wonderful things, many of which are not part of our regular routine. Changes in routine and all this sensory input can create challenges for children with autism or sensory processing disorder. more

The 2016 Top 100 Women-led Businesses in Massachusetts [Boston Globe Magazine, 10/28/16]
The Globe Magazine and the Commonwealth Institute partner to name the most noteworthy companies and nonprofits helmed by women. May Institute ranked #26! more

Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities Can and Should Vote! [The Republican, 10/27/16]
Many adults with ID are able make informed choices and need support to ensure that they can appropriately take part in the voting process. more

Halloween Tips for Children on Autism Spectrum: A Closer Look [Stoughton Journal, 10/22/16]
Imagine a child with autism being approached by a ghost, witch, or 12-year-old fireman. Add to that the pressure that comes with knocking on neighborhood doors and asking for candy. How will your child react? more

Breaches, IT Skills & Innovation Keeping CIOs up at Night [Network World, 10/17/16]
Kevin More, chairman of SIM and CIO at healthcare/human services non-profit May Institute, puts an emphasis on innovation both in terms of delivering tools that direct care staff needs in working with clients with autism... and in terms of providing general IT support to employees. more

Sultanate’s autism rate grows by 10 to 17 percent, within global average [Oman Daily Observer, 10/15/16]
The number of autistic children in the country is increasing at a rate of 10 to 17 per cent, a global average, but Oman is able to control the high incidence, thanks to advanced early diagnosis facilities and the awareness campaigns happening as a result of multi-sectoral initiatives. more

Boys at Greater Risk of Inheriting Autism, Oman Workshop Told [Times of Oman, 10/10/16]
Dr Ralph Sperry, Chief Operating Officer for the May Institute, and Dr Robert Putnam, Executive Vice-President of the May Institute, were both guest speakers from the USA-based not-for-profit organization that focuses on the autism spectrum disorder in particular. more

Agencies Join Forces to Aid Bay State's Autistic Adults [Boston Herald, 09/05/16]
“These are individuals who have higher IQs, but are limited in other areas,” said lead clinician Justin Kelly. “These are families who are at a loss. The child is approaching 22 and they are underserved. This is a vehicle to get them the supports they need.” more

Building Improvements, Chromebooks will Greet Leicester Students [Telegram, 08/31/16]
“We are hoping that the work we are doing with the May Institute on PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) at the Primary and Memorial schools... will lead to positive and productive school climate and overall better behavior and increased engagement,” the superintendent said. more

8 Tips for Communicating with Patients with Autism [EMS World, 08/24/16]
Given the rising incidence rate of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), it is likely that all of us will regularly encounter children or adults with ASD. more

Walpole Resident Joins May Institute's Board of Trustees [Walpole Times, 08/19/16]
A member of Financial Planners Association and the Million Dollar Round Table, Fatalo was named a five-star wealth manager by Boston Magazine in 2010 and 2012 through 2016. more

The Battle Over a Controversial Method for Autism Communication [The Atlantic, 07/20/16]
A technique that claims to help people with the condition express themselves with the help of a "facilitator" was scientifically disproven in the '90s—so why hasn't it disappeared? more

Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health Hosts First Autism Conference, Autism A-Z: Beyond the Puzzle [Times Union, 07/18/16]
Featuring keynotes by Deidre Donaldson, Ph.D. (May Institute) and Peter Gerhardt, Ed.D. (EPIC School), the event’s format will allow participants to select from more than a dozen workshops led by industry experts. more

A Positive Look at Those on the Spectrum [Randolph Herald, 04/24/16]
“In my experience, people who are on the spectrum are very likely to be focused and hardworking, honest and enthusiastic, respectful, kind and caring. Those qualities not only make them good employees, but also good friends and great people.” more

March is Brain Injury Awareness Month [Walpole Times, 03/08/16]
Many people are not aware, however, that ABA techniques such as positive reinforcement, teaching in small steps, and repeated practice can also be very effective for students with traumatic brain injury (TBI). more

Maintain Routines, Schedules During School Vacations [Canton Journal, 02/25/16]
During school vacations, families can support their children with special needs by maintaining their regular routines as much as possible. more

Braintree Student Pushing State House for Special Needs Education Funding [Patriot Ledger, 02/08/16]
Declan Finn, 20, of Braintree will head to the State House in Boston on Wednesday, Feb. 10 to advocate for special needs learning institutions. He attends the May Center School for Brain Injury and Related Disorders in Brockton. more

Making the Grade: School Transforms Lives for Developmentally Disabled Students [New England Cable News, 02/02/16]
"Nothing is better than a student rising to a challenge as opposed to me lowering my expectation to where I feel they should be," Anselmi said. "I am giving them a tool that now they can go forth and use that tool to reach out and meet more people. They can reach out and experience more of what life has to offer." more

Anxiety Disorders Need to be Addressed [The Republican, 01/27/16]
Anxiety disorders are very common, affecting 15 to 20 percent of the general population. For individuals with intellectual disabilities (ID), the percentage is even higher. more

Taunton Middle Schools Search for the Ticket to Good Behavior [Taunton Gazette, 01/15/16]
The Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports is a new initiative this school year at John F. Parker, Benjamin A. Friedman and Joseph H. Martin middle schools. It is used across the country in school districts to promote student achievement by improving the school’s behavioral climate, according to the non-profit May Institute, an education consulting firm. more

PE Teacher Brings Out Best in Autism Students at Randolph Facility [Randolph Herald, 01/04/16]
"We find that the students are very willing to put themselves on a limb because we work so hard to build that rapport and trust, that they're willing to challenge themselves.” more

Lambright Promoted to Clinical Leadership Post at May Institute [Randolph Herald, 12/03/15]
Previously the Senior Clinical Director for the May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities in Randolph, Mass., Dr. Lambright is now responsible for providing clinical oversight to all four of the organization’s schools for autism as well as its school for students with brain injury and related disorders. more

Take a Picture with Santa — and Take Away the Tears [The Boston Globe, 11/28/15]
“We want Mason to have these experiences,” said Mary Beth Pilon. “He loves the tree, the presents, looking at all the ornaments. He loves the music and the fireplace. We want him to have a picture with Santa. Finally someone gets it.” more

This Pie Day is an Employee Competition Held Before Thanksgiving [The Boston Globe, 11/25/15]
Staff sat poised over evaluation forms in the glass-walled conference room. Nervous employees peered in at them. Annual performance reviews? Not exactly. It was Pie Day. more

Surviving the Holiday Season Challenges [Medfield Press, 11/25/15]
To get a head-start on creating happy holidays, it is a good idea to spend a little time educating family members and friends – especially those you don’t see very often or who might not know your child well – about your son or daughter’s developmental disability. more

Surviving the Holiday Season Challenges [Medfield Press, 11/25/15]
To get a head-start on creating happy holidays, it is a good idea to spend a little time educating family members and friends – especially those you don’t see very often or who might not know your child well – about your son or daughter’s developmental disability. more

BSU Alum Teaches Adaptive Physical Education for Special Needs [The Comment, 11/12/15]
...he sees adaptive physical education as a rewarding experience where he gets to teach the fundamentals of motion through play all day long. more

'A Closer Look:' Adults with ID Benefit from Tiered Service Approach for Problem Behavior [The Republican, 09/30/15]
For years, school districts across the country have been using Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports (PBIS) to help improve students' learning and behavior. Here in Massachusetts, PBIS practices are now also benefiting adults with intellectual disabilities (ID) served by the Department of Developmental Services. more

May I Ask?: How to Help Students with Special Needs Avoid Being Bullied, Becoming Bullies [Walpole Times, 09/15/15]
Unfortunately, young people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other developmental disabilities are particularly at risk for experiencing the negative effects of bullying. more

'A Closer Look:' Finding Cause for Problem Behavior Can Help Parents Address Issue [The Republican, 08/26/15]
Once we can determine why a behavior is occurring, we are more likely to be able to develop a successful response to decrease the behavior. more

'A Closer Look:' Use Summertime to Practice, Maintain Social Skills for Children with Autism [The Republican, 07/29/15]
Helping your child maintain her existing skills and learn new ones during the summer months will be well worth the time and money invested – especially if your efforts result in an easier and more successful transition back to school in September. more

The May Center in Randolph Prepares Young Adults with Autism to Find a Place at Work [Patriot Ledger, 07/24/15]
Young adults with disabilities get vocational training which they use to enter society upon graduation at the Todd Fournier Center for Employment Training within the May Institute. more

First Fundraising Dinner Event Produces $247K for May Institute [massnonprofit news, 06/17/15]
“The evening was a tremendous success, both from a fundraising perspective – thanks in large part to our generous corporate donors – and also from the standpoint of community and celebration,” said Lauren C. Solotar, president and CEO of the May Institute and event co-chair. more

'A Closer Look:' Psychiatric Care Aids Some Intellectual Disability Cases [The Republican, 05/27/15]
Fortunately, evidence-based psychiatric care can greatly improve quality of life. While some adults with ID may be able to advocate for themselves, many cannot. Therefore, it is often necessary for those of us who care for these individuals to help them obtain the psychiatric services they need. more

For Adults with Autism, Few Good Choices for Treatments [, 05/05/15]
Only one type of intervention improves the quality of life of adults on the spectrum and helps them establish social relationships, concludes a sobering report released earlier this month by the National Autism Center, a Massachusetts-based nonprofit organization. more

Brockton’s May Center School Hosts Legislators [Boston Globe South, 04/12/15]
“It’s an opportunity for them to tour our school, meet with the students, and see the challenges we face as a private school,” said Andrea Potoczny-Gray, the school’s executive director. “We have a really dedicated, phenomenal group of staff here, and some really successful students.” more

Naples Landmarks Feature Special Places for Special Kids [Naples Herald, 03/22/15]
According to the National Autism Center (NAC), children with Autism have shutdowns and meltdowns with too much stimulation. more

'A Closer Look:' Special Activities Can Help Families with Autistic Children Cope with 'Snow Days' [The Republican, 03/11/15]
With a little advance planning, however, you can turn any unplanned day at home into an enjoyable experience for both you and your child. more

'A Closer Look': Making Mealtime 'Together Time' for Families with Autistic Children [The Republican, 02/25/15]
If you have a child with developmental disabilities, you know that dinnertime may be much more complicated than planning menus and coordinating schedules. more

A Colorful and Frosty Fierce Basilisk [Patriot Ledger, 02/14/15]
Eighty students at the May Center School in Randolph, a school serving students with autism, used liquid water color and food coloring to paint and sculpt an 80-foot- long dragon out of a snow pile. The green and purple toothed dragon is approximately six feet tall. more

Caregivers can Help Guide Exercise Routines [Republican, 01/28/15]
With a little guidance and creativity from caregivers, adults with ID can enjoy exercising throughout their lives. more

In Wake of Tragedy, an Oxford Family Gains Strength to Carry on Through Support [Telegram, 12/20/14]
Owen was left with brain damage, but the boy who could not speak, walk or eat shortly after the shooting is walking, eating, reading, talking and studying at the May Institute in Brockton for children with traumatic brain injury. more

How to Break Bully Behavior [Randolph Herald, 12/11/14]
Unfortunately, young people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other developmental disabilities are particularly at risk for experiencing the negative effects of bullying. more

Advance Planning Helps Families with Autism [The Republican, 12/10/14]
As with any situation, planning ahead and communicating openly with family and friends won’t guarantee that everything goes perfectly. Even so, it will decrease the likelihood that stressors and misunderstandings will get in the way of a happy and meaningful family gathering or holiday outing. more

Informed Decisions Needed in Mainstreaming Children [The Republican, 11/26/14]
Deciding whether or not inclusion is appropriate for your child is not easy. All students have different needs that can be met in various ways. more

Tricare Delays Autism Service Reduction [Jacksonville Daily News, 11/04/14]
Tricare announced earlier this month it would delay until 2015 a reduction in the reimbursement level for some autism services, pending the results of an independent study. more

Self-management Skills Help Build Independence [The Republican, 10/29/14]
Teaching self-management skills can be an effective and very beneficial way to help a person with ID learn a new behavior because it supports independence. more

Cape Verdean Pair Makes Movie in Brockton [Randolph Herald, 10/06/14]
By day, Rui Lopes is a teacher’s assistant at the May Institute; and business partner Alex Daluz owns Marvelous Cuts at 11 Main St. The Brockton High Class of 2005 art students and graduates have spent just about every other minute over the past two years on their shared dream of producing a feature-length film. more

Communication Tools Help Children with Autism [The Republican, 09/24/14]
Fortunately, there are a number of adaptive communication tools that children with special needs can use to express their preferences and make requests. more

Preparing a Child with Autism for Medical and Dental Visits [The Republican, 09/04/14]
For children who may have sensory issues and be averse to bright lights and unusual noises, these experiences can be quite frightening. more

MHT & BBJ Honor Local CIOs [Boston Business Journal, 07/27/14]
Close to 200 people were in attendance as the Boston Business Journal and Mass High Tech honored 10 area CIOs their work. This year's CIO of the Year awards breakfast was held at the Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel. more

May I Ask: May Institute's Sara Helm Offers Tips on Teaching Special Needs Children Good Hygiene [Republican, 06/25/14]
Teaching children good hygiene habits – brushing their teeth, washing themselves, combing their hair, and learning how to use deodorant – is one of the many challenges parents everywhere deal with on a daily basis. more

Employing a Special Workforce [Convenience Store Decisions, 06/05/14]

Autism Rates Rise Again [District Administration, 06/01/14]
Districts should invest in practices that research has shown to be effective in helping students with autism develop stronger communication and behavioral skills, Rue says. more

May Institute's Erica Kearney Suggests Tips for Going on Vacation with Special Needs Children [Republican, 05/28/14]
Although vacations are meant to be opportunities to relax and enjoy fun activities with the family, they can be stressful if you have a child with special needs. With a little advance planning, however, your next vacation can be one which every member of the family will enjoy. more

Autism Forum to Meet May 7 in Leominster [Telegram, 05/03/14]
This program is part of an annual series that is presented in partnership with the May Institute in order to promote the Special Health Care Needs Collections at the library. more

Boston Business Journal Names 2014 CIO Awards Winners [Boston Business Journal, 05/02/14]
“...These are the leaders who are at the forefront of innovation. These are the CIOs who keep our businesses operating without interruption. These are the people who keep our business systems secure,” said Chris McIntosh, publisher of the Boston Business Journal and Mass High Tech. more

May Institute's Margaret Walsh Shares Tips on Talking to Adults with Autism [Republican, 04/28/14]
While no two people with autism have the same language and social skills, the following guidelines from experts in the field can help ensure your conversations go as smoothly as possible. more

Why I Sent My 'Typical' Kids to a Preschool for Autistic Children [90.9 WBUR, Boston's NPR News Station, 04/25/14]
I loved it right away — the spacious, cheery classrooms, the warm engagement of the staff. It was clear: no one chose to work there who didn’t feel a strong commitment to helping all kinds of children grow. But the main reason I fell for the place was that it felt familiar, like home. more

Which Healthcare CIOs are the Most Active on Twitter? Here are 10 You Should Follow [MedCity News, 04/15/14]
Kevin More (@kmmore) is the CIO for May Institute, a nonprofit that offers educational, rehabilitative, and behavioral healthcare services to individuals with autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disabilities. more

All Sides with Ann Fisher [WOSU 89.7 FM, NPR affiliate in Columbus, Ohio, 04/02/14]
Dr. Hanna Rue, Executive Director of the National Autism Center, discusses topics including the new CDC autism rate, recent New England Journal of Medicine study about the development of autism in the womb, access to care, legislation, and insurance. more

The Top 100 Most Social CIOs on Twitter 2014 [Huffington Post, 03/25/14]
May Institute's Chief Information Officer Kevin More Named One of the Top 100 CIOs to Follow on Twitter. The ranking was determined by a combination of factors including twitter list membership, tweet content and volume, number of followers, and other metrics as tallied by several social media influence score providers. more

Self-Management Strategies for Students with Autism [, 01/25/14]
According to the National Autism Center’s National Standards Report, Self-management is amongst the interventions or treatments identified in the category of “established” or effective treatments. more

May I ask? Margaret Walsh of May Institute Says Skills, Independence Help Workers Thrive [Republican, 01/08/14]
In response to recent changes in federal and state policies, three organizations devoted to the welfare of individuals with special needs in Massachusetts have launched an initiative to improve employment opportunities for adults with intellectual disabilities. more

Exceptional People, Exceptional Art [Do It At Cotuit, the newsletter of the Cotuit Center for the Arts, 01/01/14]
"Cotuit Center for the Arts has become a very special place for the individuals in our care," said Shannin Seamans, Assistant Director at May Institute's Day Habilitation program in Mashpee. more

May Institute's West Roxbury food pantry offers helping hand [Wicked Local Roslindale, 12/25/13]
For clients and neighbors, this food pantry is a vital source for food staples. May Institute food pantry manager Sasha Johnson anticipates a busy winter. “We tripled in the amount of households that we service.” more

May Institute's Sarah Helm Says Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Need to be Attentive on Issues of Bullying [Republican, 10/08/13]
While bullying can seem like an out-of-control social phenomenon, there are steps that parents and families can take to put an end to this problem. more

May Institute's Erica Kearney Says Planning, Preparation and Support Needed for Back to School [Republican, 09/11/13]
For parents of children with autism spectrum disorders and other special needs, ensuring that the back-to-school experience is successful and enjoyable requires additional planning and preparation, and a supportive team of family members, teachers, and other school personnel. more

May I Ask: May Institute's Teka Harris Says Pica Disorder Needs Care, Safety Measures [Republican, 08/14/13]
A person with pica may eat dirt, rocks, screws, nails, hair, feces, crayons, glue, cleaning supplies, plastic, erasers, buttons, paint chips, chalk, wood, glass, needles, rubber bands, cigarette butts or wire. more

Medical Professionals Talk Autism
Dr. Hanna Rue, National Autism Center Executive Director, speaks at the Autism Spectrum Lunch and Learn April 25, 2013, on Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, N.J. more

Drastic Numbers Underscore Need for More Autism Services [The Provider, 04/13]
Dr. Lauren Solotar, ABPP, President and CEO of May Institute, and Dr. Hanna Rue, BCBA-D, Executive Director of the National Autism Center, comment on the new estimate released from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that says that one in 50 U.S. school children has autism. more

Changes on the Horizon for Diagnostic Tool for Autism [Herald News, 04/06/13]
“The data collected over the past year is optimistic, but we still need to be cautious and ensure that everyone receives the appropriate services that they need,” said Petruccelli Morelos. more

Parents Wonder What's in Store as Autistic Children Age Out of School-based Benefits [Herald News, 04/06/13]
Parents of teens age 15 or 16, should start planning the transition process for their sons or daughters who will be aging out of school-based services, which end at age 22, said Realbuto. more

Autism Lecture April 10 Begins Health Care Series at Leominster Library [Worcester Telegram, 04/05/13]
Caitlin M. Nichols, Ph.D., staff clinician at the Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinic of the May Institute in West Roxbury, became interested in studying autism after spending a summer working at a camp that catered to children dealing with autism and various behavioral issues. more

Autism lecture April 10 begins health care series at Leominster library
Caitlin M. Nichols, Ph.D., staff clinician at the Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinic of the May Institute, became interested in studying autism after spending a summer working at a camp that catered to children dealing with autism and various behavioral issues. more

Step by Step to Success - Helping young adults move out of the classroom and into the community

OSU will test drug to treat autism [The Columbus Dispatch, 12/24/12]
Ohio State University's Nisonger Center is among more than 85 research sites in the United States evaluating the use of the drug memantine on social interaction and communication among children with autism. more

Adapting K12 for Students with Autism [District Administration Magazine, 12/18/12]
Educators are learning that there are scientifically proven treatments and protocols that can help them meet federal and state requirements, stretch budgets, avoid litigation and assist families who must continue educating students long after the last bell rings. more

May Institute: Many preemies eligible for early intervention services [Republican, 12/05/12]
Early intervention is a program funded through the state's Department of Public Health that provides supports to children from birth to age three. Children may be eligible for services if they have a developmental delay. more

May I Ask: May Institute's Teka Harris says allowing right to refuse helps encourage on-task behavior [Republican, 11/14/12]
Have you ever been faced with a task that you didn't want to begin, or been in the middle of an activity you didn't feel like completing? For some individuals with intellectual disabilities, communicating their desire to refuse, postpone, or end a task or activity may be extremely difficult, if not impossible. more

Happy Hornet offers positive feedback at Jordan Jackson [Wicked Local Mansfield, 11/08/12]
The "Happy Hornet" has created a buzz throughout the Jordan Jackson Elementary School. The black and yellow insect serves as a mascot for the school's Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) program. more

May I Ask? Concussion in girls [Medfield Press, 11/03/12]
A recent study conducted at MedStar Research Institute and published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine examined three high school sports that are most similar for boys and girls — basketball, soccer and baseball/softball — and reported that girls consistently suffered twice as many concussions as boys. more

Grant From Drug Store Helps Provide Education for Children with Autism [Jacksonville Daily News, 10/23/12]
“Before Ann came he didn't talk. It was very hard for him. Everything was really frustrating for him; but she taught him how to talk, go to the bathroom and how to communicate with me and everyone else,” Tracey said. more

Safe Housing Nurtures Individual Skills, Independence [Republican, 9/19/12]
When a young person with autism or another developmental or intellectual disability turns 22, he or she "graduates" into the world of adult services. This can be a challenging time for both the student and his or her family. more

New Guide to Evidence Based Practice and Autism in the US [, 9/01/12]
“Finding information about autism is easy. It is much more difficult to find reliable information that has withstood the rigors of science, is comprehensive in scope, and is accessible and easy to read,” says Hanna C. Rue, PhD, BCBA-D. more

May Institute's Hanna Rue Provides Guidance for Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders [Republican, 8/13/12]
Learning more about evidence-based practice is one way parents can gain more confidence as they begin the process of identifying effective treatment options. more

Think of People as Souls [Cape Cod Times, 8/03/12]
James sings soulfully, plays bass guitar, and works at a mental health facility, Cove Club in Harwich Port, that nurtures recovery of troubled souls. more

Summer Life-Saving Tips for Parents of Children with Autism and Other Special Needs [AutismNewsWire, 6/23/12]
In recognition of National Safety Month, we offer the following safety tips for parents of children with autism spectrum disorders and other special needs. These basic safety skills may someday become critical life-saving skills. more

Couples Counseling [Medfield Press, 6/11/12]
It is estimated that as many as 20 percent of all couples experience marital distress at one time or another during their married lives. more

When Words Hurt [Exceptional Parent, 6/01/12]
People can be cruel even when they don't mean to be. The looks of disapproval, litany of unsolicited advice, and careless references directed at a person with autism or special needs--or their family--can be as emotionally painful as any physical injury sustained. more

Safety First For Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders [WebMD, 6/01/12]
All parents worry about their children’s health, happiness, and general well-being, but parents of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and other developmental disabilities must often make extraordinary efforts to ensure that their sons and daughters are safe both inside and outside the home. more

Regular Praise can Head off Attention-seeking Disruptions [Republican, 5/09/12]
A high-five, a smile or a pat on the back are great ways to acknowledge someone. When these rewards are provided on a regular basis, his or her motivation to act out for attention is reduced. more

Photo Gallery: Celebrating Arbor Day! [WickedLocal – Randolph Herald, 4/30/12]
Photo spread of 11 images of the Arbor Day Celebration at May Institute featuring a tree donation to the Institute, dedication, readings, presentations and a site tour. more

'Anorexia Nervosa' [Medfield Press, 4/24/12]
Self-starvation and excessive exercising are two of the most common symptoms of anorexia nervosa. In addition, most people with anorexia deny they have a problem. more

Alternative Ways To Treat Difficult Cases [Fox 25 News, 4/19/12]
Dr. Hanna Rue interviewed on Fox 25 News. more

Health Newsmakers [, 4/22/12]
Dr. Jeanne Paccia has been named director of the Fernandes Center for Children & Families at Saint Anne's Hospital. The Center is a joint partnership between Saint Anne's and May Institute. more

As Randolph Children with Autism Doubles, Resources & Awareness Increase [Randolph Herald, 4/20/12]
“Parents have a lot of options,” she said. “We are focused on evidence-based practices and trying to provide education and treatment with high quality science behind them.” more

Top 4 Weekend Musts [Clarksville, 4/20/12]
April is Autism Awareness Month and the Army Community Service Exceptional Family Member Program, along with ACS Family Advocacy Program and May Institute plans to spread awareness within the Fort Campbell and surrounding communities by hosting the third annual Fort Campbell Walk for Autism. more

Towne House Clubhouse Work Program Offers a Fresh Start [Fall River Herald News, 4/13/12]
“I went to Towne House. They helped me through,” Vancott said. “They gave me back my courage.” more

Gaining Fluency Skills Key to Learning [The Republican, 4/11/12]
Learning new social, language, and daily living skills can be challenging for children with autism and other developmental disabilities, but acquiring those skills is only the first step of the learning process. more

Parent to Parent: Making the Case for Evidence-based Practice (pdf) [Exceptional Parent, April 2012]
Parents who have chlidren with a new ASD diagnosis are faced with more information than they can possibly absorb, and a series of decisions to make as their children grow and develop. They must understand the world of ASD well enough to navigate it. more

The Parent Report with Doug Cope [WBZ NewsRadio 1030AM, 4/06/12]
WBZ's Doug Cope speaks with Doctor Gary Pace at the May Center for Education and Neurorehabilitation in Brockton, who says if a student suffers a concussion playing sports, there's a higher chance for suffering a further, more serious injury if the first injury is not reported. more

10 Things Not to Say to Parents of Children with Autism [The Austin American Statesman, 4/04/12]
To help inform the public during National Autism Awareness Month in April, parents of children with autism enrolled at May Institute's special education schools were asked to identify hurtful or insensitive remarks that have been directed at them and their families. more

IPads Help Chattanooga Students With Autism Communicate [Chattanooga Times Free Press, 4/3/12]
"Children with autism respond really well to consistency. And computer-based devices give us the ultimate kind of consistency," said Kay, a board-certified behavior analyst and licensed psychologist. "This has opened up the world to kids." more

Early Intervention is the Place to start if you Suspect Child is Exhibiting Delays [Fall River Herald News, 4/1/12]
When discussing autism spectrum disorders, which involve delays in speech as well as social impairments, both Dr. Jeannine Audet and Dr. Nina Pinnock of the Fernandes Center for Children & Families stressed the importance of catching the delays early and starting treatment as soon as possible. more

ABA Therapy Helps Autistic Kids Develop Positive Habits [Fall River Herald News, 4/1/12]
The ABA method of teaching has been in use for more than 35 years, and today, Pinnock said, it’s the most common form of teaching for children with autism. It can be done with a trained therapist during in-home sessions and at schools and day programs. more

Cause of Autism Still a Missing Piece of the Puzzle for Doctors, Families [Fall River Herald News, 4/1/12]
Dr. Marisa Petruccelli Morelos, clinical director at the May Institute’s Autism Spectrum Disorders Clinic said the major anticipated change is collapsing of the specific disorders within the autism spectrum (autism, PPD-NOS, Asperger’s and childhood disintegrative disorder) into a single new category called autism spectrum disorder. more

Possible Change in Autism Definition Raises Concern [New England Psychologist, 4/1/12]
Given the uncertainty about the proposed changes, Petruccelli says that individuals treated at the National Autism Center are concerned that their access to services may be affected. more

OUR VIEW: Making the Pieces of Autism Fit [Fall River Herald News, 3/31/12]
“I think we’ve made gains in knowing that it’s a neurological disorder. It’s not parenting, it’s not external factors. It’s a neurological disorder so we know there’s definitely a biological piece.” more

Chief Executive Officer of May Institute Named [Healthcare Review, 3/31/12]
“Through the years, Dr. Solotar has not only demonstrated outstanding clinical and leadership skills, but also tremendous loyalty to and respect for May Institute, its employees, and the important services we provide to the individuals in our care,” said Dr. Christian. more

Chief Executive Officer of May Institute Named [ HealthCare Review, 3/31/12]
“I am confident that she will be an excellent leader and that our organization will continue to thrive and grow with her at the helm.” more

May Institute Raises $180K from 2011 Rodman Ride for Kids [, 3/30/12]
“We are extremely grateful to the Rodman Ride and all of our supporters for helping us make a difference in the lives of the children we serve.” more

Adaptive Technology on Apple iPad Helps People with Autism Communicate [Ripten, 3/08/12]
Matthew Emmi, a 12-year-old autistic boy is using an Apple iPad to be able to communicate with family and friends....Using an Apple iPad at his school, the May Institute in Woburn, Massachusetts, he was able to make requests or greet others by touching icons on the iPad’s screen. more

iPad Lends Helping Hand to Autistic Boy [My Fox Boston, 3/4/12]
During his school days at the May Institute in Woburn, Matthew began using an iPad to help him make simple requests or perform greetings by touching icons….For this family, having their son participate in his own bar mitzvah was a big deal, and the iPad made that possible. more

iPad Gives Boy a Voice at his Bar Mitzvah [Boston Sunday Globe, 3/4/12]
Suzanne and Michael Emmi decided their son’s autism would not prevent him from having a bar mitzvah. “Because of the issues in his life, he’s not going to have a wedding or a high school or college graduation,” his mother said. “We wanted him to have that opportunity to have a special moment and shine.” more

What Women Over 40 Should Know About Eating Disorders [Norwood Transcript and Bulletin, 2/27/12]
It’s not just teenage girls who are willing to starve themselves or “binge and purge.” Today, more and more women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s are seeking help for eating disorders as they battle slowing metabolisms and thickening waistlines. more

May Institute Starts Leadership Change By Naming Solotar CEO [, 2/23/12]
"I look forward to collaborating with our remarkably capable and caring staff to help me meet this challenge," said Solotar. "Working together, we will continue to make a difference in the lives of the children, adults, and families we serve.” more

May Institute Now Serving Savannah [The Savannah Tribune, 9/19/12]
This newest Center enables May Institute to provide home-based therapy and other autism-related services to families in all branches of the military stationed at installations in 10 states throughout the country. more

Lynn Schools’ Autism Program Rates Kudos [The Daily Item, 2/13/12]
“Everyone was doing the best they could but it was evident the kids needed structure and support,” Meninno said. “No data was being collected, there was no system in place.” Meninno said she was familiar with the May Institute and contacted the organization for help. more

Techniques of Applied Behavior Analysis Found to be Effective [The Republican, 1/11/12]
Hundreds of scientific studies have shown that ABA is the most effective method to teach individuals with ASD and other developmental disabilities. more

Adjusting to a New Stepfamily [Medfield Press, 01/09/12]
My dad died 10 years ago, when I was four. My mom got remarried recently, and now I have a “new” father and a 12-year-old stepbrother. Mom seems very happy with her new family, but I’m miserable. What should I do? more

My Son Had His First Visit to the May Institute's ASD Clinic [CafeMom, 12/21/11]
The woman was wonderful with him, gave him proper direction and joked around and made him feel comfortable. more

10 Ways to Support Families of Children with Autism During the Holiday Season [New Jersey Family, December 2011]
Looking for ways to make the holiday season more meaningful this year? If you have a friend or family member with a child with autism, why not offer a helping hand? more

National Autism Center Publishes Autism Manual for Parents [Autism Newswire, 12/15/11]
Parents and caregivers everywhere are eager for credible, research-based information on the most effective treatments for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). more

Deployed in December: Strategies for Celebrating the Holidays When a Spouse is Overseas [Exceptional Parent, December 2011]
For military families with loved ones overseas during the holidays, December can be one of the most difficult times of the year. more

Do Touch-screen Tablets Make Good Gifts for Children with Autism? [, 12/07/11]
As the holiday season approaches, many families of children on the autism spectrum may wonder if a portable touch screen tablet would be the perfect gift. more

New Program Helps Students Model Positive Peer Actions [MetroWest Daily News, 12/04/11]
Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports, or PBIS, is a model schools’ staff, students and parents work on together that highlights exactly how students are expected to act in certain situations, and then reward them for doing it. more

Dr. Crocker Helped Children with Developmental Needs [AAP News, 12/01/11]
His career was focused on developmental-behavioral pediatrics. For contributions to the health and well-being of children with disabilities, he received the AAP Arnold J. Capute Award in 2007 and the AAP Anderson Aldrich Award in 2001. more

A New Resource from the National Autism Center [, 11/30/11]
I found the National Standards Report especially helpful and will keep my copy handy. I share a synopsis of its contents here, hoping that it will be a helpful resource for you as well. more

Towne House Clubhouse Serves Up Annual Pre-Thanksgiving Dinner [Herald News, 11/23/11]
The group of members and volunteers prepared turkeys and all the fixings with help from sponsors like the Venus de Milo, which cooked 22 turkeys in its ovens and delivered the birds for the meal. more

Halloween Spirit [Santa Cruz Sentinel, 11/07/11]
For the past three years my son’s class from The Bay School, a nonprofit program educating students with autism and developmental disabilities, has driven up the coast to a family pumpkin patch by the sea. more

Manual Addresses Autism Teaching [Education Week, 10/26/11]
Given the challenges of providing appropriate services to a diverse and increasingly numerous student population in this country with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs), the need for evidence-based practice in our schools has never been so urgent. more

Where Are the Autism Teaching Competencies? [Education Week, 09/20/11]
The first step is to identify evidence-based autism-teaching procedures. The National Autism Center is a good starting point. It published the National Standards Project in 2010. more

Active Duty: Helping Helping Parents Become Effective Members of Their Child’s IEP Team [Exceptional Parent, September 2011]
Jaxson’s successful transition from a special needs classroom to a typical classroom would not have been possible without intensive early intervention and effective behavioral therapy... more

May Institute Given $20,000 Grant from the New York Center for Autism [Boston Globe, 07/31/11
May Institute was given a $20,000 grant from the New York Center for Autism, part of the proceeds from Comedy Central’s “2010 Night of Too Many Stars: An Overbooked Concert for Autism.’’ more

Auburn Students Bring June Summer Program to Local Children with Disabilities [The Auburn Plainsman, 07/07/11]
During the program, University students use practices outlined by the National Autism Center to create the best environment for growth. more

May Institute Receives $20K Grant [, 07/06/11]
The May Institute was awarded a $20,000 grant from the New York Center for Autism. The grant represents a portion of the proceeds from Comedy Central’s 2010 Night of Too Many Stars: An Overbooked Concert for Autism Education. more

New England CIO Innovation Awards; New England CIOs' Innovation Driving Company Success [Mass High Tech,, 06/08/11]
Mass High Tech and Boston SIM will recognize chief information officers who exemplify how innovation in the use of information technology and in IT strategy can bring success to their organizations. more

Article Says Autism Treatments Fall Short; Experts Say They Still Help Some [New England Psychologist, June 2011]
“The results of the full report should be taken into consideration along with other peer-reviewed literature,” says Hanna C. Rue, Ph.D., BCBA-D. more

Weight Loss Wisdom [MindFoot, 05/16/11]
Lauren Solotar, chief psychologist at the May Institute, says, “When we eat in front of the television, we aren’t paying attention to what we are eating.” more

May Institute Presents Salute to Safety [Muscogee Moms, 04/11/11]
Salute to Safety is an event created to help children with special needs become confident with law enforcement and emergency service providers while having fun! more

May Institute Ad Campaign on MBTA Promotes Autism Awareness [Patriot Ledger, 04/05/11]
This year the campaign, “What Does Autism Look Like?” showcases four new faces among the nine children, adolescents, and young adults featured. more

A Full Plate: Helping a Child with Rett Syndrome Thrive and Grow [Exceptional Parent, April 2011]
Rett syndrome is a rare neurodevelopmental disability that is currently considered an autism spectrum disorder. Unlike autism, which affects more boys than girls, Rett syndrome almost exclusively affects girls. more

May Institute Raises $193K for Critical Children’s Services [, 03/25/11]
May Institute’s donors are tremendously committed to supporting programs for the children we serve. The number of donors involved grows yearly as families, staff and friends who participate in the Ride share this incredibly powerful experience with others. more

Clubhouses a Lifeline for Mentally Ill [Cape Cod Times, 03/11/11]
Everyone needs community. We need a smile and eye contact. We need to talk to others. We need a caring hand. We need shared experience. We need a role. We cannot go alone. more

Neighborhood of the Week: Purchase Street, Fall River [Fall River Herald News, 03/10/11]
Towne House Clubhouse teaches life skills and offers support to people suffering from mental illness and addiction. more

May Institute’s Parent Share Support Group [Muscogee Moms, 03/08/11]
Come learn about autism-related topics, facilitated by board-certified staff of the May Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders. more

Skills Training Must Fit Learners' Needs [The Republican, 03/02/11]
Adults with developmental disabilities can learn a variety of life-enhancing skills. They can learn to complete household tasks, make financial transactions, tend to their personal hygiene, and facilitate appropriate interactions with others. more

May Institute Purchase Expands Footprint, Services [New England Psychologist, March 2011]
New construction on an old building is allowing May Institute in Randolph, Mass., to expand several of its programs geared toward providing educational... more

Free Job Fair at FSU - Panama City Campus [ ABC News, 02/22/11]
William Flood from the May Institute, Southeast Region, will provide a lecture on Intensive Behavioral Services:  A Case Series of a Systematic Probing and Fading Model. more

Breakthroughs: Autism - A panel discussion at Big Think
Dr. Susan Wilczynski was featured in a recent panel discussion hosted by Big Think. “Breakthroughs: Autism” highlights cutting-edge autism research and features top luminaries in the field. more

Be Specific in Praise to Teach Good Behavior [The Republican, 01/05/11]
Those of us who work with individuals with special needs find verbal praise particularly effective. It is the easiest form of positive reinforcement you can provide. It does not cost anything, and it never runs out. more

The Science Behind Autism Treatment & Therapy [Indy’s Child, 01/01/11]
Parents who receive a diagnosis of autism for their child often get the news and are left to discern the best course of treatment for themselves. It can understandably be overwhelming. Thanks to the National Autism Center... more

Seasonal Affective Disorder [Walpole Times, 12/29/10]
Now that winter is here, I know I’m in for my annual bout with the blues. My doctor says I have seasonal affective disorder. Is this a common condition? more

May Institute to Buy Building [Boston Globe, 12/26/10]
Aided by a $16 million tax-exempt bond issued by MassDevelopment, the May Institute plans to buy 14 Pacella Park Drive in Randolph, which it currently uses for a day rehabilitation program and administrative offices. more

Bay School Students to Showcase Winter Bird Art at Downtown Boutique [Santa Cruz Sentinel, 12/16/10]
Students at The Bay School are creating papier mache birds, bowls and paper parasols in a charming art project that will be displayed at a downtown boutique in January. more

Coping with Autism Not Easy at Holidays [The Republican, 12/15/10]
Looking for ways to make the holiday season more meaningful this year? Why not offer a helping hand to families who have children with autism? Here are some ways you can help. more

May buys Randolph Building, Thanks to $16 Million MassDevelopment Bond [Randolph Herald, 12/14/10]
The organization plans to use bond proceeds to purchase 14 Pacella Park Drive in Randolph, which it currently uses for a day habilitation program and administrative offices. more

National Autism Center Educator Manual Earning Rave Reviews [Boston Business Journal, 12/13/10]
With thousands of copies already in circulation, the National Autism Center's autism manual for educators – "Evidence-Based Practice and Autism in the Schools" – is receiving high marks from educators in the special education community. more

Learning Each Other’s Language [Autism Advocate, December 2010]
Strategies to Improve Communication Between Neurotypicals and Individuals on the Autism Spectrum more

Family Matters: Enlisting the Family to Ensure Successful Early Intervention for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders [Exceptional Parent, December 2010]
The continuing story of Caleb Dills and how important family support is to a child with an autism spectrum disorder. more

Borders Helps Raise Funds for Special Needs Services [, 11/30/10]
Borders and the May Institute, a national nonprofit serving children and adults with autism and other special needs, announced that they are partnering this holiday season to raise funds for critical services during May Institute's Benefit Days at Borders, Dec. 3 to 5. more

Towne House Serves Dinner to Members, Community [The Herald News, 11/25/10]
It was a day for celebrating friends and personal accomplishments made at Towne House, a club house run by the May Institute for people living with mental illness. more

May Institute Provides Autism Therapies in Military Communities [Healing Thresholds, 11/18/10]
The May Institute has increased its presence in the Kentucky/Tennessee military arena. They are now offering services for families stationed at Ft. Cambell. more

Fighting Back: Helping Students with Special Needs Build Skills, Prevent Bullying [Exceptional Parent, November 2010]
This article gives readers an inside look at one family's experience and offers insights on what parents can do to help their children with special needs develop skills and strategies to deal with bullies. more

Ride On…Todson Sponsors May Institute; Salutes Successful 2010 Rodman Ride [, 11/04/10]
For the fourth consecutive year, North Attleboro-based Todson, Inc., distributor of Topeak bicycle accessories and OnGuard Locks, sponsored the May Institute’s Rodman Ride team. more

The Next Piece of Autism Puzzle: Yawning? [, 09/15/10]
Study finds response to contagious yawning may yield insight. Dr. Susan Wilczynski of the National Autism Center, a program of May Institute, interviewed. more

Helping Kids with Special Needs Avoid Bullying [Boston Parents Paper, September 2010]
An article by May clinician Shannon Kay, Ph.D., BCBA-D
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Communication Skills Aid in Expressing Pain [The Republican, 07/07/10]
An article by May clinician Teka J. Harris more

Ride on…Todson signs on as corporate sponsor for May Institute’s Rodman Ride For Kids team [PR Workzone, 06/30/10]
Todson has matched their 2009 contribution of $5000 once again for the 2010 Rodman Ride and has also donated a bike and Red Sox tickets for the Ride’s raffle. more

May Institute Receives Excellence Award at Nonprofit Awareness Day [, 06/14/10]
May Institute was honored for the impact of its National Standards Report that guides tens of thousands of families impacted by autism as well as a traveling exhibit to show the voices and faces of autism. more

Courageous Corner [The Boston Globe, 06/08/10]
“Zack is the nicest kid who ever went to this school, hands down,’’ said co-class president Emma Sagan, weeping after watching Zack recently receive the school’s Director’s Cup award for his courage. “Before the injury. After the injury. You ask any kid and that’s what they’ll say.’’ more

Bullies Target Special Needs Students [The Republican, 06/02/10]
Dr. Shannon Kay's most recent article focuses on preventing bullying in schools more

May Institute, Dana Farber Invite Donors to Bone Marrow Drive [The Enterprise, 05/11/10]
The May Institute is hoping members of the community can pitch in, to help one of their own in his fight with cancer. more

Healthcare Review Highlights May Institute Autism Awareness Campaign [Healthcare Review, 04/30/10]
May Institute and LoJack Corporation team up to launch a powerful public awareness campaign during April – National Autism Awareness Month – on the MBTA that features photos and stories of children with autism as well as important information about the disorder. more

Local Techs Lending a Hand [Mass High Tech, 04/28/10]
This year’s "What Does Autism Look Like?" campaign includes more than 1,000 informational pieces on the MBTA system, including 125 platform posters in dozens of subway and commuter rail stations, and 900 educational car cards displayed in subway cars and buses. more

Report from Salute to Safety [WTVM, 04/17/10]
Southeast Regional Autism Center Community Outreach Specialist Amy Bontrager is interviewed during the event. more

Safe Kids Columbus: A Salute to Safety [WTVM, 04/14/10]
Southeast Regional Autism Center Community Outreach Specialist Amy Bontrager previews the upcoming Salute to Safety. more

Autism Awareness: Is proximity a factor in diagnosing autism? [, 04/12/10]
Maybe you've seen the posters hanging in T and commuter rail stations -- photos and stories of children with autism, and a question: "What does autism look like?" more

May Institute, LoJack Team up to Promote Autism Awareness [, 04/08/10]
May Institute in Randolph, which provides educational, rehabilitative, and behavioral healthcare services, has launched a statewide autism awareness campaign that aims to counter widely held stereotypes about the disorder. more

Weymouth Teen Fighting Brain Tumor Finds Time to Help Others [The Boston Globe, 04/04/10]
At the May Center, Declan has exceeded goals. In addition to academics, he also sees speech, occupational, and physical therapists nearly every day. His social skills are improving. Every Friday, he volunteers at a soup kitchen in Brockton. more

Ruling that MMR vaccines don’t cause autism cements research [New England Psychologist, 04/01/10]
A March 12 ruling by special masters of the U.S. Court of Federal Claims favored the many controlled studies around the world finding no casual relationship between the measles-mumps-rubella vaccination (MMR) and the autism found in one out of 110 children in the United States. more

SERAC presents 2nd Annual Salute to Safety [Muscogee Moms, 04/01/10]
First responders will be present to teach families and children with special needs how to stay safe and respond in the event of an emergency. Children will be able to explore the wonders of emergency vehicles – inside and out! more

Autism awareness campaign planned [Patriot Ledger, 04/01/10]
The May Institute, a Randolph-based nonprofit organization that serves people with autism, is launching a public awareness campaign this month to draw attention to the issue of autism in children. more

Safety First for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders [Exceptional Parent, 04/01/10]
All parents worry about their children’s health, happiness, and general well-being, but parents of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and other developmental disabilities must often make extraordinary efforts to ensure that their sons and daughters are safe both inside and outside the home. more

The Challenge of Preparing for the Future [Connecticut Parent Magazine, 04/01/10]
The May Institute in Massachusetts, one of the country’s largest concentrations of clinicians with expertise in autism, became the final piece to completing Eli’s educational puzzle. more

No April Fools - Tomorrow Begins Autism Awareness Month [EmaxHealth, 03/31/10]
The May Institute, a national nonprofit organization that serves people with autism and other special needs is bringing a powerful public awareness campaign to millions of commuters in Massachusetts. more

Prevent Brain Injury [Fall River Herald Parents & Kids, 03/26/10]
Traumatic brain injury is a leading cause of death and disability among America’s youth. It is most often the result of motor vehicle or bicycle accidents, falls, sporting accidents, violence, or abuse. more

Puzzling Through - New Ways to Teach Children with Autism [Boston Parents Paper, 03/01/10]
Sixty or more years ago, if you had a child with autism, you’d likely be told to put him in a mental health institution and move on with your life. Today, there are many treatment options. more

Lauren Solotar, Chief Psychologist for May Institute, Offers Strategies for Parents and Teens to Combat Cyber Bullying [The Republican, 02/03/10]
What can teens do to keep from becoming victims of cyber bullying? more

Corporate Training Gets Lesson from Online Education Tech [Mass High Tech, 01/06/10]
Distance learning has broken down many barriers to obtaining a college degree, allowing almost anyone in the world to take a course and pass it, regardless of where they live or what their day job may be. more

Strategy Can Help Autistic, Special Needs People with Tasks [The Republican, 01/06/10]
Motivation and compliance are challenges that parents and teachers of children with autism and other special needs must deal with daily. more

May Institute Listed as One of Massachusett's Largest Nonprofit Organizations [Boston Business Journal, 12/11/09]
May Institute is ranked as one the area's largest nonprofit organizations by the Boston Business Journal. more

May Institute Listed as One of Massachusett's Largest Nonprofit Organizations [Boston Business Journal, 12/11/09]
May Institute is ranked as one the area's largest nonprofit organizations by the Boston Business Journal. more

Meeting the Special Needs of Children with Autism and Their Typically Developing Siblings [Exceptional Parent, 12/01/09]
When Katelynn was 21 months old, she was diagnosed with autism; a few months later, the family’s youngest child was born. Meeting the special needs of all their children became a daily challenge for these young parents. more

Towne House Clubhouse Members Reconnect Over Pre-holiday Meal [The Herald News, 11/26/09]
“You can see a lot of smiling faces, people having a good time,” said Mayor-elect Will Flanagan, who gave helpings of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and peas alongside other local officials and volunteers. more

Community Voices: Thankful for Chance to Keep Serving Community [The Herald News, 11/13/09]
As a Clubhouse model program that has supported the recovery of adults with a history of mental illness in Fall River for the past 25 years, it is especially rewarding to know that so many of our fellow citizens, legislators and Clubhouse members care enough to take the time to support our cause. more

Military Families Battle Against Autism
At first glance, the Driscolls look like any other family at the park. But then, with very little warning, 11-year-old Paul starts to break down. more

Correctly Diagnosing Autism More Important Than Ever [Provider Magazine, 11/01/09]
The increase in the number of children with autism spectrum disorders is cause for profound concern and a renewed call to action. more

Patrick's Budget-balancing Plan Won't Touch Local Aid [The Herald News, 10/29/09]
Patrick’s cuts appeared to spare the Towne House Clubhouse in Fall River and other rehabilitation and recovery centers. more

Towne House Rehab Program Faces Threat of Closure [The Herald News, 10/28/09]
Gov. Deval Patrick has proposed cuts at the Department of Mental Health, among other places, to help close a budget deficit of up to $600 million. more

Clinging to an Unraveling Safety Net [The Boston Globe, 10/22/09]
Individuals with autism and brain injuries, served by May Institute programs, were among those that visited the governor's office in response to a possible human services budget cut of $40 million to $60 million. more

The Team Approach to Helping Children with Autism Succeed at Home, School, and in the Community [Exceptional Parent, 10/01/09]
For the estimated 20,000 active duty military families who are raising children with autism or other developmental disabilities, the challenges of this responsibility are compounded by frequent relocations that necessitate readjusting to new homes, schools, and communities, and building new relationships with different therapists and teachers. more

Through the Trees: Twin Teenagers Learn to Manage Symptoms of Autism with Outdoor Activities [Advance for Physical Therapists & PT Assistants, 09/21/09]
Will and Jeff are proof that engaging in regular activity may offer a variety of benefits for individuals with autism. more

“Cars for Classrooms” Charitable Campaign for Autism [Muscogee Moms, 08/03/09]
What does an innovative, award-winning toy maker, nationally recognized May Institute, and the National Autism Center all have in common? more

May I Ask? Column Offers Tips for Managing Tough Transitions [Fall River Parents and Kids, 08/19/09]
The article offers advice for helping girls with developmental disabilities deal with puberty. more

Cape Couple Develop Practical Application for iPhone [Cape Cod Times, 08/18/09]
May Institute's Chief Clinical Officer Dennis Russo, Ph.D., ABPP, ABBP, discusses the use of technology in teaching children with autism. more

Asperger Syndrome and the Difficulties of Diagnosing and Treating Related Conditions [Exceptional Parent, August 2009]
Not all children and adolescents with Asperger syndrome are as fortunate as Jose. Misdiagnosis is common. So is a lack of understanding that Asperger syndrome is often accompanied by other disorders. more

The Story of the May Institute Keeps Adding Happy Endings [The OARACLE, July 2009]
May Institute featured in Organization for Autism Research Monthly E-Newsletter. more

Dreams Come True for Students at Randolph's May Center [The Patriot Ledger, 06/16/09]
May Center for Child Development in Randolph holds its first prom. more

May Institute's Alan Harchik Describes Treatment Protocols Available to Help Children with Traumatic Brain Injuries [The Republican, 06/10/09]
Educators and clinicians need to adapt their use of analysis procedures for children with brain injury. more

Human Capital: People on the Move [Boston Business Journal, 05/27/09]
Ralph Sperry is named Senior Vice President of Consultation Services at May Institute. more

Living with Autism [The Benning Report and the Pentagon Channel, 05/25/09]
May Institute Southeast Regional Autism Center featured in Fort Benning's news program. more

Sibling Jealousy [The Herald News, 05/21/09]
Sibling jealousy is a difficult reality for many families, and can be more complicated for the brothers and sisters of children with special needs. more

Protesters at State House Voice Opposition to Possible Budget Cuts [The Patriot Ledger, 05/20/09]
Were the cuts to go through, an estimated 11,000 adults would lose family support and respite services, according to the ARC of Massachusetts, an advocacy group. Another 11,000 would lose either day habilitation or employment services. more

Economic Woes Can Lead to Anxiety an Family Problems [West Roxbury Transcript, 04/29/09]
May Institute's Lauren Solotar answers a question about how the bad economy can lead to poor health. more

Somerville's Anna Yu is the New Face of Autism in MBTA, May Institute Campaign [Somerville Journal, 04/19/09]
Anna Yu, student at the May Center for Child Development in Randolph, is one of the faces of the public autism awareness campaign. more

Photos and Stories Exhibited Throughout MBTA [Autism Society of America, 04/09/09]
Autism Society of America helps get the word out about the May Institute MBTA campaign. more

May Institute Student Anna Yu Featured on the Cover of Autism Spectrum Quarterly Magazine [Autism Spectrum Quarterly, 04/08/09]
Seven-year-old Anna Yu of Somerville, Massachusetts is a happy little girl who loves music class, musical books, painting, and Play-Doh. more

May Institute Shows the Faces of Autism to Boost Awareness [PRWeek, 04/02/09]
May Institute autism public awareness campaign featured in PRWeek magazine. more

Building Life Skills for Children with Asperger Syndrome [Exceptional Parent Magazine, 04/20/09]
How ABA training and support from the Southeast Regional Autism Center helped one family to better understand their son. By Eileen G. Pollack, MA and Dennis C. Russo, Ph.D., ABPP. more

BOSS Volunteers Join Families at Little Creek Farm. [The Bayonet, 03/25/09]
Nearly 30 Soldiers with the Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers Program volunteered to help children and families for a day of horseback riding and a cookout at Little Creek Farm in Upatoi, Ga. more

Working With Students With Autism [Education Week, 01/28/09]
Marcie W. Handler, Ph.D., director of home and school consultation at May Institute, was one of three national experts who participated in a live chat entitled, “Working with Students with Autism.” more

New Pediatric Center Opening in San Jose [KLIV 1590 Silicon Valley News, 01/25/09]
Children with disabilities in San Jose will soon have a new location to go to the doctor. A new pediatric center is set to open at the Blossom Hill Medical Center. more

Collaboration, Donation Help Set Up Hub for Autism Services [Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal, 01/16/09]
With autism cases at an all-time high, the Pediatric Specialty Center in San Jose opened its doors this week to address the need for diagnosis and treatment services. more

Children Must Be First and Foremost [San Jose Mercury News, 12/31/08]
From developmental disabilities services to school readiness, to mental health and general wellness programs, First 5 has expanded our state's capacity to serve young, at-risk children. more

Advocates Rally for Mental Health Funding [The Herald News, 12/09/08]
Advocates for mental health organizations rallied in Boston on Tuesday to preserve state money for Townhouse Clubhouse and other facilities across the state that serve the mentally ill. more

Strategies to Help Children with Special Needs Enjoy Successful Community Outings [Exceptional Parent Magazine, 12/01/08]
With careful planning and a lot of patience and love, community outings can be enjoyable for you and your child. more

Towne House Holds Early Bird Special [The Herald News, 11/26/08]
It was the day before Thanksgiving, but the smell of roasted turkey and gravy was already in the air at May Institute’s Towne House Clubhouse annual pre-Turkey Day dinner. more

An Advocate's Perspective—The Autism Puzzle: Where Do We Go From Here? [The Oaracle, 10/01/08]
Unfortunately, the prevalence of methods that have no evidence of effectiveness is widespread. You see it everyday in advertisements, infomercials, and treatment options offered to parents of children with autism. more

May Center To Close Chatham School Ahead Of Schedule [Cape Cod Chronicle, 09/11/08]
About a half dozen students remain at the Seaview Street campus, which was the nation’s first school for autistic children and adolescents when it was founded more than 50 years ago. more

Choosing Effective Treatments for Children with Autism [Exceptional Parent, September 2008]
After their son, Cameron, was diagnosed with autism at age three and a half, Army Master Sergeant Larry Carter and his wife, Christal, made it their mission to learn all they could about the best treatments for a child with autism. more

Champions in Health Care [Boston Business Journal, 08/15/08]
May Institute President and CEO Walter P. Christian, Ph.D., ABPP, is included among the most innovative minds in Massachusetts medicine by the Boston Business Journal. more

Cars for Classrooms – Help Automoblox Donate Toy Cars to Children with Autism [, 08/02/08]
For every Automoblox car purchased at the Automoblox online store, Automoblox will donate one of their toy cars to a school that provides specialized educational services to children with autism. more

The Back to School Nudge [Spectrum Magazine, Aug/Sept 2008]
Getting you started on that search for the right school. more

Autism's Challenges: Combating Stress on the Home Front [Exceptional Parent, April 2008]
For military families, the difficulties presented by these challenges are often exacerbated by the lack of proximity to family and support networks, frequent relocation, school and training schedules, and more. Managing the stress that accompanies these challenges is critical to a family’s long-term health and well-being. more

Lawrence Schools Use Program Rewarding Good Behavior [Eagle Tribune, 03/16/08]
Dr. Robert Putnam, senior vice president of school consultation at the May Institute, said administrators from Lawrence schools approached them to implement the program in the district. “Schools across the country are under increased pressure to improve academic performance while coping with... more

Cadence Stars & Strikes Fundraiser Benefits Children With Autism [Reuters, 02/21/08]
San Jose is a big step closer to having a pediatric center dedicated to diagnosing and treating autism and other serious developmental disabilities. more

Fundraiser Benefits Silicon Valley Autism Center [KCBS, 02/21/08]
Silicon Valley is one step closer to having a pediatric center dedicated to diagnosing and treating autism. Funds for the facility are being raised through a bowling tournament. more

May Institute: Responding to the Critical Need for Autism Services [Exceptional Parent, December 2007]
Autism, a neurological disability that causes difficulty with behavior, communication, learning, and social interaction, can create enormous stress on a family – stress that is magnified when one spouse is away for extended periods of time more

Randolph May Center Students Featured in the Boston Globe Fun Pages [The Boston Globe, 10/28/07]
James, a May Center student, spent time learning about aardvarks for this issue of Fun Pages. He is interviewed about what he has learned about the unique animal. more

Public Schools Prepare to Educate Kids with Autism [NPR, 08/15/07]
It takes a lot of work, but many public schools are managing to work with autistic children in mainstream classrooms. more

Showing the Human Face of Autism [The Boston Globe, 04/30/07]
"Seeing these kids and reading their stories," Sarah Wright said in a telephone interview. "It goes right to your heart." more

The Increase in Autism [The New York Times, 02/17/07]
An opinion piece highlights the importance of early diagnosis and treatment of autism. more

Depression Can be Hard to Spot, Experts Caution [, 02/07/07]
For parents, one of the scariest aspects of depression is how well their children may be able to hide the symptoms. more

Dawn of a New Era: Local Philanthropy at its Best [Cape Cod Life Philanthropic Edition]
May Institute appears in the Cape Cod Life Philanthropy Edition. more

Teen Peer Pressure: Raising a Peer Pressure-Proof Child [WebMD]
In spite of adolescents' vulnerability and the strong influence of peers, parents can exert a positive influence on their adolescents' decision-making processes, offering them ways to combat the effects of peer pressure. more

We're Divorced. No, Really. [Time, 09/25/05]
Many experts believe that a clear separation immediately after the divorce provides a better foundation for healthy relations over the long term. more

Bringing Up Baby: Cuddling vs. Coddling... Secure vs. Spoiled [NY Metro Parents Magazine, 08/21/05]
Walking that fine line between care and obsession, between attention and over-stimulation, between anxiety and trust, between cuddling and coddling. more

In the Cutting Culture: Depressed and Drawing Blood to 'Feel Alive' [Los Angeles Times, 08/07/05]
Although experts point out that there is an element of copycat behavior among individuals who cut, nearly all cutters have a trait in common: They are clinically depressed. more

When Overprotective Parenting is a Problem [Metro Family Magazine, August 2005]
Parents should use common sense when deciding it’s time for all of those “firsts” — first time down the street to a friend’s house, to the prom with the family car, or simply toddling forward down a full flight of stairs. more

Be Your Own Woman [Ladies' Home Journal, March 2005]
How to keep your friends and still be yourself. more

Childhood Obesity [News for]
Although obesity is very difficult to treat, it has been proven that "behavioral treatments," or teaching children and their families new eating and exercise habits, are superior to alternative treatments. more

Survey Sheds Light On Teen Alcohol, Drug Use [, 08/19/04]
A teen's use of drugs or alcohol may be linked to their relationship with their boyfriend or girlfriend, according to researchers at Columbia University. more

Slowly, But Surely [Healthcare News, February 2004]
May Center treats autism with patience. more

Mom's in Love Again [Time, 04/14/03]
The parent-child bond is intensely strong. A parent's remarriage causes a shift in that relationship, and most adult children find it unnerving. more