Opportunities for Educators

We are looking for schools and educators to participate in the following study:

Modular Approach to Autism Programs in Schools (MAAPS)

We are recruiting schools and educators in Massachusetts, New York, North Carolina, and Florida to participate in a research study. Please review the brief overview of MAAPS below. If you would like more information, please contact the research team directly.

MAAPS is a new intervention system for schools intended to help support students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This project has been developed and reviewed by researchers, and the purpose of this study is to learn more about whether MAAPS can help educators select and use instructional strategies that address the needs of students with ASD. Through MAAPS, a student’s teacher and other school staff form a team, and we invite parents to be a part of the team as well.

In this study, there are two different treatment conditions, and the group assignment is chosen at random. Schools are assigned to receive MAAPS or to a 1-year waitlist for MAAPS. 

In the MAAPS condition, each student’s team will work with a person from the research staff, also known as the MAAPS Coach. Together, the team will figure out goals for the student and identify specific strategies that will help the team work towards those goals. The MAAPS Coach will work with school teams to select strategies that will be a good fit for the student, and they will work with school teams to help implement strategies. The MAAPS Coach will stay involved throughout the school year to make sure strategies are working and that teams are satisfied with the progress the student is making. The MAAPS Coach will provide this support remotely through the use of teleconferencing technology. Teachers will be asked to complete interviews and surveys during their experience. Schools assigned to the waitlist condition will be provided with MAAPS during the following school year. 

This project has been approved by the Institutional Review Board of May Institute. It is important to know that participation in MAAPS is voluntary. You do not have to respond if you are not interested in this study. 

If you have questions about MAAPS, or if you think this might be good for your school or your students, you may contact the research team directly at the phone and email listed below.



To learn more, contact:
Jaime Crowley-Zalaket, Ph.D., BCBA-D, Research Scientist
781.300.8926 | jcrowley@mayinstitute.org