Family Support & Resources


Building Family Partnerships

The Family Services team works closely with parents in a variety of areas, individualizing services to meet each family’s needs.

These staff members are personal advocates for students and parents both inside and outside of school. The Family Services Coordinator is a designated point person for our parents in resolving day-to-day issues, facilitating communication with the clinical and educational team, and coordinating other services to encourage consistency across settings.

Our team is committed to protecting students' rights and privacy and is available to provide emotional and practical support when parents must make important decisions, such as moving their child to a residential program or transitioning to adult services.

The Family Services team offers a comprehensive set of services, including:

  • Collaboration between school and home
  • Workshops on practical issues
  • Connections to community support and resources
  • Transition services
  • A Parent Advisory Council that serves as a liaison between families and the school's administration