Like many siblings, Kyle and Maggie have a special bond. Growing up, they shared typical family experiences. And they have also been there for each other during more difficult times.

Kyle has faced and overcome more challenges than most people his age. In addition to autism, he has mosaic Down syndrome, and was successfully treated for leukemia and congestive heart failure as a toddler.

“All those things are parts of Kyle’s life — and my family’s life experience — but they don’t define Kyle as a person or us as a family,” Maggie shares. At the May Center School, “they have helped him to blossom into the very active, funny, loving young person he is today.”

Kyle’s comfort level in social settings, along with his outgoing personality, have helped him gain acceptance from others. “Unfortunately, a lot people will put individuals like Kyle in categories,” says Maggie. “As a result, they miss a lot about who the person really is.” And Kyle is very special.

—Maggie, Kyle's sister



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