Like most teenage girls, Jalisa has crushes on boys, and loves to dress up and to dance.

We knew Jalisa was different when she was placed with us for foster care, but it wasn’t until she was three months old that we learned she had Costello Syndrome. At the time, only 25 people in the world had that diagnosis. The condition is global, affecting most every area of the body.

Jalisa has a happy personality that draws in all who meet her. She is inquisitive and enjoys school immensely. At the May Center School for Brain Injury and Related Disorders, they just know how to teach her in a way she can learn. She gets to go to dances, and she was so excited to go to her prom!

When Jalisa was an infant, she left us briefly for a pre-adoption that didn’t work out. When she came back, we kept her from then on — she’s a keeper. When we announced it in church, they said, “Thank God she’s finally ours!” And we said, “OK, we’ll share!”

—Susan, Jalisa’s mother

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