???????We’re happy to Announce we are Expanding Center-based ABA for Young Children in Mass.


We’re happy to announce that our center-based ABA services for children with ASD in Massachusetts are expanding! We are enrolling young children at our centers in Randolph and Wilmington, where they learn to build skills and reduce problem behavior. These services are funded through insurance. (More info to follow!)

Here's a little about our other services for children with autism and developmental disabilities in Massachusetts: 

ABA home-based behavioral services
Funded through MassHealth
Serving Boston Metro and surrounding areas, South Shore, and Fall River communities

ABA home-based services
Funded through insurance
Serving the West Springfield area, and Randolph, Milton, Canton, and Braintree in eastern Mass.

Early Intervention (EI) services
Funded through the MA Department of Public Health
Serving 10 communities throughout Hamden County
(Also for children with developmental delays and at risk of delays due to environmental risk factors)

Private schools for children
Funded through DESE
Located in Randolph, West Springfield, and Wilmington

School consultation services
Funded through local school systems
Available across the state

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