Mike is my younger brother, the second of three siblings. We knew from day one that Mike was special. Our parents chose to raise us all with the same amount of love and attention, but we understood that Mike would need a little more.

Growing up, Mike was always included in our activities. He loved our annual family vacations to our uncle’s farm in Canada. Now he likes to go for rides with me to visit friends, especially on the holidays. He loves and remembers everyone.

Mike lived at home until 2001. After our mother died in 1996, our dad took care of him. When dad became ill, Mike moved into the May Institute home where he has lived ever since. That home has allowed him to blossom. He came into himself not as a brother or a son, but as an independent man.

Mike loves to be surrounded by friends and family. Even now, as he develops Alzheimer’s, he continues to enjoy attention and company. It’s been hard, as he is changing with the Alzheimer’s. But no matter what, Mike will always be my special little brother.

—Rose, Mike’s sister

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