Steve Peck

People who give have probably already thought, "I want to make a change. I want to give back. I have the resources." So then the question is, "Where do I give?"

There isn't a wrong place. And I wouldn't even argue there's a better place. For me, the May is a better place. But it's a very personal thing.

I've always been taught since I was a kid — old style, my parents being World War Ⅱ veterans — to give back. The more you get, the more you give. And with my wife being a special education teacher, I had an understanding for what these kids and adults with challenges go through.

I've been really lucky in business. I know I worked hard. But I could have been a teacher and worked just as hard. I didn't plan this success.

You donate what you can. So $250,000 over the years — it was a little painful. But I knew it was making a difference. I'd rather fly under the radar. But it's important for people to know about May Institute and the work they do.

-Steve Peck



The act or an instance of committing; a pledge to do
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