Welcome to our Tropical Prom


Saturday, June 10th, was the date for one of MCR's favorite annual events - the Prom! Students voted for a Tropical Luau theme this year, so the school's gymnasium was transformed into an island oasis.

Leading up to the Prom, students learned about the cultural significance of tiki masks in Polynesia before creating their own masks that helped decorate the walls.

Everyone was greeted with a flowered lei as they entered, and then they stepped through a curtain of vines to reach the party. Once inside, everyone was surrounded by tropical flowers and greenery, palm trees and flamingos, and even a giant 'tiki torch!' Jerson Compere (one of our Assistant Residential Directors) kept the dance music pumping as DJ for the day. Many of our students' parents, grandparents, and siblings were here to enjoy the party as well. As always, seeing everyone for such a fun time was so great! Come see all the photos on our Flickr album here.