The Sweetest Day of the Year.


May Institute celebrated its 9th annual Pie Day this week in anticipation of Thanksgiving! At this annual corporate event, May staff bakers from across the state try to out-do each other for the best pie. And lucky judges got to decide!

We had a remarkable variety of pies this year with entries from the Randolph May Center school, corporate headquarters, residential services, and adult services programs from Cape Cod and Eastern Massachusetts.

After a long deliberation by our esteemed judges, the three winners are:

1st Place to Jenn Iverson for her pecan pie

2nd Place to Kristen Daisy for her apple pie

3rd Place to Laura MacKinnon for her Samoa cookie pie

See all the photos here!

The trophy presented this year is a new prize for the winning department. They will hold the trophy until the 10th annual Pie Day, at which time perhaps another department will win the first prize. (Time and the judges will tell.)

Big thanks to all of the judges and servers that helped with this, and especially to the bakers — without them there would be no Pie Day! And a special shout-out to long-time employee Kathi Barry who has orchestrated each and every Pie Day at May with humor, enthusiasm, and a true appreciation of a perfect pie.

Have a great Thanksgiving!