Thanks to Bailey’s Team for Autism!


The May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities in Randolph, Mass., extends special thanks to Bailey’s Team for Autism, which raises funds and awareness in support of individuals living with autism and their families. The organization's Board believes that iPad products greatly enhance the learning and communication abilities of individuals with autism. 

To that end, they raise funds to contribute iPads to organizations who support children and adults with autism. We were delighted to have been selected for this year's gift of 10 iPad minis and cases for use in the school's library and classrooms.

We were happy to welcome Bailey's Team for Autism President, Sammi Robertson, to our school. During her visit, she toured the school and presented staff with the iPad minis. Ms. Robertson is pictured here with Ethan Kichura, May's Education Technology Specialist, and Dr. Beth Jerskey, our Vice President of Professional Training and Research.

Thank you, Bailey's Team for Autism!