Students Harvest for Others in Need


On a drizzling rainy day, the Transitional Education Department at the May Center School for Brain Injury and Related Disorders organized a volunteer day for Sharing the Harvest Community Farm at the Dartmouth YMCA. Seven students and four staff participated in a tomato picking mission. The farm leader explained their mission is to donate fresh food to hundreds of families in need.

Sharing the Harvest Community Farm provides the perfect opportunity for our students to learn how to work as a team. Each student worked extremely hard to collect as many tomatoes as they could. Students and staff made a great effort to fill 18 buckets with tomatoes.

At the end of the day, sweaty from the hard work, all who participated felt very satisfied with their accomplishments. The students gained the knowledge of how to judge a good tomato from a bad one, and practiced their fine motor skills while harvesting. The most important aspect of the activity was that they were able to help other people in need. Everyone had fun and look forward to gleaning again.

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