September is Safety Month!


Throughout September, we will be celebrating Safety Month at our May Center School in Randolph, Mass.

The students will learn about everything from fire safety, crossing the street safely, personal identification, answering questions on a 9-1-1 call, and keeping forks out of the toaster oven, to the very basics of first aid.

On September 17, we will be having Randolph Fire Fighters and EMTs (with their vehicles) come and visit the school. And on September 29th the Randolph Police Department will be visiting. Our students will be able to do a touch-and-feel with the vehicles and meet and talk to these first responders or "community helpers".

The hope is that the students will associate the community helpers with a positive experience and not be afraid of them if there ever was an emergency. Conversely, the officers will get a chance to interact with our students on a positive note, which might make them more comfortable if there ever was an individual with autism that needed assistance.

The fire fighters or EMTs are going to come into the library and provide a short lesson about fire safety, which is another way for students to see community helpers in a positive light.

Be sure to share our flyer 10 Points First Responders Should Know About Autism with your local first responders.

Come see the photos here!