Rodman Ride Raises More than $193,000 in 2010 for our Children’s Services



It’s been said that “nothing succeeds like success,” and when it comes to May Institute and the Rodman Ride for Kids, that adage has proven true.

To date, the Rodman Ride For Kids, an umbrella matching gift charity that raises funds for social service agencies that support at-risk kids in Massachusetts, has helped May Institute raise over $600,000 for programs and services that benefit children with autism spectrum disorders, brain injury, and other special needs.

Rodman Ride organizers first selected the Institute as an “affiliated agency” in 2007 and gave us a goal of raising $60,000. Every year since then, they have raised the bar in terms of our fundraising goal. And every year we have jumped the hurdle and met the challenge. We have a strong incentive to do so: the Rodman Ride provides a 10 percent match for every dollar raised to affiliated agencies that meet their goals.

In 2010, our goal was $175,000, 16.6% percent higher than our 2009 goal. Once again, we met the challenge and earned another $17,576 from the Rodman Ride organization, thanks to the 10% match.

Credit for our continued success goes to employees throughout May Institute, our business partners, families, and corporate sponsors, most notably Stephen H. Peck & Associates/UBS, Fabiani & Company, Merrill Lynch, Todson, Inc., and Telamon Insurance & Financial Network.

Our 2010 May Institute cycling contingent included 20 teams, whose members pedaled a combined total of 2,800 miles. In addition to the revenue generated by the riders, employee-organized events such as a softball tournament, clam boil, bingo night, tag sales, summer carnival and many other events also attracted strong support and brought in significant contributions.

“One hundred percent of these funds will directly benefit the estimated 16,000 children in Massachusetts who receive services from May Institute,” said Heidi Howard, M.P.A., Chief of Business Development. “We are extremely grateful to the Rodman Ride for helping us make a difference in the lives of the children we serve.”