Our own "angels" -- our Nurses!


Nurses are often called "angels of mercy" because of their selfless dedication and the heart and soul they bring to work each day. At May Institute, we are fortunate to have such a group of nurses to care for the individuals we serve. They are all unique in their own way and their contributions to our organization are invaluable. Despite the long hours, frequent interruptions, and being on call, they always greet everyone they meet with a smile.
May 7, 2014, was set aside to honor the dedication and hard work of our nurses as we celebrated nurses’ week. As many guests said during a celebratory evening, "our nurses are the voices of our individuals when it comes to their health in the school and community." For this we want to say thank you!

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We would like to say a very special thanks to Kathleen Buckley on her 20 years of service at May Institute!
Kathleen Buckley, RN, is the residential weekend program nurse, and this year marks her 20-year anniversary of service to our program. Kathleen started her tour of duty here at the May back in the Chatham days as the residential direct care nurse. She always finds time to share her Chatham stories with our nursing team. Kathleen has a commitment to nursing at the May that goes above and beyond. She is a compassionate RN who demonstrates outstanding clinical practices and knowledge. Kathleen is a leader in the nursing department and a facilitator of learning for the younger nurses at the May. Kathleen Buckley has the outstanding ability to teach students, families, and staff in the residential program. Kathleen is a nurse who will pass through your life for a minute and impact it for an eternity. We are very happy to have her as part of our nursing family in Randolph.
Thank you and congratulations, Kathleen, on your 20 years of service and commitment!

And congratulations to ALL our nurses:
Rose Arruda
Ann Baker
Cheryl Borrelli
Kathleen E. Buckley
Kennelle Butterfield
Amy Callahan
Annie Campanelli
Donna Ciaccia
Brianna Dannells
Lynn Demers
Maureen A. Durkin, RN, Director of Nursing for the Randolph and Woburn Autism Schools
Kathleen Erkkila
Keri Flaherty
Allison Foley
Cassandra Gauron
Nicole Gavazzi
Donna Gurley
Kimberly Hayes
Brenda Hung
Eleanor  J. Hurley, RN, Director of Nursing for the Brockton Brain Injury School
Marlene Jean
Brianna Keeley
Bianca N. Khouri
Amy B. Lanigan
Maureen Louzan
Rebecca McKernan
Sahira Medina
Jocelyn A. Moran
Lynn A. Murphy
Ludwine D. Paul, ACNP, Director of Nursing, Adult Services
Donna Polk
Maria Russo
Ruth McMahon Scanlon
Christa Solomon
Scotlyn Sullivan
Marcia Vajocvec
Jane Veno
Jamy Whitcomb