Music can be a Bowl of Bananas


This picture makes us wonder if we all should be plugging in our bananas at home. But in fact, this is our music teacher Tomas Marquez plugging in bananas in the music room, setting up an instrument for the students called a Makey Makey. "This is a device that is touch-activated and lets you convert any object that conducts an electric current into a musical instrument. In this picture, I am using bananas as my musical instrument. You connect the bananas with alligator cables to the Makey Makey device, and each banana becomes one key or note of the piano. Then by touching the bananas, you activate the note and hear the sound." explains Tomas. "I use it with my students because of the flexibility and adaptability it provides." We can use bananas or any metal, play dough, and even pencil drawings. "My students like it very much because it is fun to play music with everyday objects and create your own, unique musical instrument."