More Named SIM President


Congratulations to Kevin More, M.B.A., our Vice President of Information Systems, who has been elected President of the Boston Society for Information Management (SIM). SIM is the area’s leading professional society for information technology (IT) specialists interested in the innovative use of IT to learn, collaborate, and improve their skills.

“SIM offers a variety of forums in which members come together to explore the revolution that is changing the way the world communicates, learns, and does business,” says More. “I want to go ‘back to the basics’ and focus on strengthening these roundtable programs that allow technology leaders to share ideas, experiences, and knowledge in a vendor-neutral environment.”

More plans to use technology in innovative ways to market the Chapter, recruit new members, foster collaboration opportunities, and deliver value to its members. Last year, he chaired the SIM International Social Media Team and was responsible for integrating social media into the organization’s overall communications and collaboration strategy. He plans to leverage this same technology at the local level by integrating multiple channels, including Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook with traditional offerings to accomplish this goal.

“It is important that SIM not only gives back to the profession, but to the community as well,” More noted. “We encourage students to consider information technology as a profession through our work with local colleges and universities, through our outreach partners, and through our own outreach program, Future Potential in IT. There is an increasing demand for qualified IT workers in the U.S. and not enough skilled workers to meet the demand of the IT job marketplace.”