Met & Married at May - Terese and Kevin


Twenty-eight years and six months ago, two young people walked into an employee orientation in Chatham, Mass., to begin their careers at May Institute. Both would be working with children with autism and other developmental disabilities. She was starting her job as a Behavior Support Specialist, and he was hired as an Overnight Behavior Support Specialist. Truth be told, they don’t remember even talking to each throughout the orientation.

Fast forward to 10 years later, when Terese and Kevin married! Today, their terrific kids are 16 (Mackenzie) and 13 (Zachary) years old. Kevin moved on from May and works as a VOIP Engineer, and Terese is now the Senior Vice President of Quality and Compliance, and holds a joint appoint as Compliance Officer for the organization.

We hear that Kevin has some very funny stories about how they got to know each other, but Terese is exercising her authority as Compliance Officer (at May and at home), so we won’t be hearing them here.