Met & Married at May - Shelley and Christos


When we began working at the same May Center School, we noticed each other in the hallways. Shelley and I were in classrooms across from each other. We would have the occasional lunches together. I think my first real interaction with her was about her height. It was random small talk that would link us to longer conversations. Before you know it we were going on dates.

One thing I loved about Shelley is she was never afraid – even if it meant unclogging a toilet. She would do it. She was always helping me through the challenges we faced at work. When it came to teaching, we both cared the same. It was life-changing to connect with someone who enjoyed the work just as much as I did.

The connection grew stronger. This was in 2006, before iPhones, but we were able to stay in contact and secretly carpool together. I think I scrunched down a few times but at some point we just had it out in the open. Which made it easier to carpool, but trying to find a radio station was harder. Trying to synchronize a lunch date was not easy. There were many obstacles to get through. It was a little easier though when she went from lead teacher to educational case manager. Then my position changed to a job coach. In 2009, we were engaged. At our engagement dinner I had an allergic reaction. It was embarrassing but it also showed me how caring Shelley is. (That’s when I found out I had allergy to tree nuts.) 

In August 2010 we were going to be hitched. But not without some more obstacles. You see, I was Greek Orthodox and Shelley wasn’t. We had to take an all-day marriage class which was a great experience (not really). Our planned honeymoon destination was Santorini, Greece. I couldn’t believe Shelley would - go through all this to marry me.

On our wedding day morning I lost my phone at the dog park. I had a whole plan that day and I spent the majority of it looking for my phone at a dog park. After finding my phone I had a fever spike of 103. I thought I was getting sick but let’s just say I was nervous and the heat was on during the summer. I got to the church and I was waiting for what felt like an eternity. The first thing the Priest said was, “spit out that gum and sit down – you’re making me nervous!”

The reason why I’m telling you all this about a wedding day almost 10 years ago is that in our Greek ceremony we don’t exchange vows. I was going to wait to give my vows to Shelley on our 10th anniversary but I figured I’d share them with her and you here.

Shelley, it’s been 10 years and we have never exchanged vows. I want to tell you how amazing you are. We have been through thick and thin. We have climbed mountains together. We have a home with two wonderful boys. We have cried together, we have laughed together, mostly I have laughed but you just laughed at my corny jokes just to make me feel better. We both have difficult jobs, although our love for our work is just as strong. The challenges we have faced have made our family stronger. The stronger the storms, the stronger the roots. I am so happy to have been a part of this journey and love is a path that we continue to grow with. I am the luckiest guy on earth and I will love you forever.