Met & Married at May - Minto and Brianna


Minto and I met at May Institute’s Revere day program in 2010 when I was first hired as a nurse for the program, for 20 hours a week. I had just graduated from nursing school and was looking for my first nursing job. Minto was always coming into the nurses’ office saying hello to me and Jamy, the previous Nurse Director. I thought it was normal for him to come and say hi every day, but later I found out it was his excuse to come see me.

I started to get to know Minto better when I had to do a cultural project for school. Minto described what India/Bangladesh was like. This was the first step in our 'courting.' Eventually we started to date, and I always remember Minto being private about it, and being very cautious where we went because he was worried about others finding out. We kept our relationship to ourselves for almost two years. Some friends that were close to us knew about our relationship, but we didn't want our relationship to interfere with our work, so we kept it quiet.

The day Minto proposed to me was Eid Mubarak, which is a very popular Muslim holiday. I had to share the news with Jamy! She was out to lunch with many of our work friends. She announced our engagement to everyone, and so many people were so surprised because they had no idea that we were even dating, never mind engaged! We were married on April 13, 2013, surrounded by many May Institute staff, who are like family to us.

We both still hold positions at May Institute; I am now the Nurse Director of the Eastern MA Division for Adult Services and Minto is the Day Hab Director in Revere. We have two beautiful children, ages 5 years old and 19 months. We have a 150-pound Great Dane named Seymour and live in Boxford, Mass.!