Met & Married at May - Meghan and Noah


Meghan is an Educational Administrator at our Early Learning Program at the May Center School in Randolph. She has been working at the school for almost 17 years. Meghan and Noah met while working together at the school in 2010 and shortly after started dating. While they were at BABAT, an annual conference for Applied Behavior Analysis in Amherst, Noah picked up some of Meghan's favorite pizza (he'd heard her mention it) from Antonio's to bring back to her. Meghan always says that that's what won her heart over - Antonio's pizza (well, and Noah). It was quite a while though before anyone else knew about the two, as Meghan forbid Noah to even look at her at work, much less let on that they were dating!

When Noah proposed to Meghan he had a couple boxes of Antonio's on hand, in case she had any reservations. The two have been married for six years now. They have two girls and a third girl on the way due in early spring.