Married at May - Elise and Adam


"We actually met and started dating while we were both working at a different school. Over the years, we each left that job, with Adam coming to May, and I was working as a receptionist at a mental health clinic. When Adam told me the receptionist job here was opening up, and I should apply, I jumped at the chance to work together again! Knowing that he would be there too made it so much easier to start a new job!

People always ask how it is working with your spouse. "Don't you get sick of each other?" Not at all! We love getting to spend that extra time together on the commute and getting to see each other throughout the day. We got engaged weeks after I started here at May, and since then, we've gotten married and now have two incredible kids - Amari and Saleema. This month marks our 12-year anniversary together!"