Met & Married at May - Bridget and Martin


They met at work 13 years ago when Martin (who was a job coach at the May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities) would deliver supplies to Bridget’s classroom (when she was a teacher’s assistant). He would also assist with challenging situations in her classroom. The rest is history! (Bridget thinks how she really stole Martin’s heart was when he asked for her number during a lunch break at work and she told him it was 911.)

They started carpooling to work and became inseparable after that. It’s a carpooling commute that has varied greatly over the years! It was as long as two hours each way at one point, down to just 15 minutes after they purchased their first home in November 2011, which was also the year they married.

These days Bridget is indispensable as the Director of School Operations at the school, and currently functions as interim Executive Director as well. Martin went on to join our corporate office as Purchasing/AP Manager, a role he held until just this month! Bridget, Charlotte, James, and the rest of us are adjusting to not seeing that smile on the Randolph campus! We wish him great good luck on his next adventure.