Met & Married at May - Alan and Colleen


Alan began working at the May Center School in Randolph, Mass., in 1998. Eight years later, Colleen joined the May Center team. Alan was the Physical Education teacher and Colleen was a teacher assistant. They began talking and getting to know each other at social gatherings and events that their friends would frequent. They came to the realization that their birthdays were very close together and decided to throw a large birthday extravaganza.
During the planning and hosting of that first birthday event, a friendship grew and a love blossomed. They started dating in 2006 and got married in 2011. They bought a house and had their first child, Jameson, in 2015, and baby Lincoln was born in 2018. The family lives happily in Bridgewater, and Colleen is now a Special Education Teacher. They’ve continued their birthday celebration tradition and it’s something many friends look forward to every year.