Mentees, Mentors Set Goals; Program Launches


May Institute’s Mentoring Program kicked off in October with mentors and mentees reviewing and agreeing upon professional development goals and devising plans to accomplish those goals that are SMART: specific, measurable, attainable and relevant, and that have a specific timeframe. 

“We’re very excited about the successful launch of the program with 14 partnerships,” said Michael Halperin, Director of Training and Development and Co-chair of the D&I Council, which sponsors the Mentoring Program. “Mentees from all across the May have an opportunity to expand their professional network, receive support and encouragement, and accelerate their career growth and development, while mentors invest in the company’s future by assisting the next generation of leaders.” 

Undrea Cato-Steele, Assistant Clinical Director (ACD) in the May Center for Adult Services in Eastern Massachusetts, and a participant in the program, is in a unique position — serving as both a mentee and a mentor. She has been an ACD for three years, and recently became certified as a behavior analyst. “I want to see how the other side of things work. I want to learn about how the company runs, what goes into attaining clients, and to get a glimpse into the responsibilities of a higher administrative position.” 

The Mentoring Program will also enable mentees to create a sounding board for testing ideas and plans and seek new challenges or work experience in the organization. Mentors, on the other hand, will gain an increased ability to translate values and strategies into productive actions as well as a greater understanding of the current business issues in other parts of the agency. 

“Some staff believe that as a Program Coordinator, there is no room to grow,” Cato-Steele shared. “It takes a little extra effort on their part, and learning something new, but it’s very possible.” 

Applications for the Mentoring Program will reopen again in spring 2016.