Meet Will: Our Student Government Representative to the Massachusetts State House


Aside from his striking and beautiful head of red hair, Will, 15, has a million dollar smile and personality to match.

He is, in almost every sense of the word, a typical teen. Will loves hanging out with schoolmates and listening to music, and yearns for all the latest and greatest stuff. He’s learned that to play hard, he needs to work hard. And he does.

As a kid with a neurological disorder, life hasn’t been easy for Will. But he’s worked hard at it. And, as a student at the May Center for Education and Neurorehabilitation, our school for children with brain injury in Brockton, Mass., he is successfully navigating the challenges of rehabilitation and mastering critical life skills.

Will especially enjoys participating in the school’s vocational training program, earning money he diligently saves for special purchases, like a new laptop. Money management is a skill Will has been fast to acquire. Currently, he serves as Treasurer of the school’s Student Council, after running for office and being elected by his classmates. It is a role that suits him perfectly!

Recently, Will was selected to participate in the 64th annual Student Government Day program held at the Massachusetts State House. He joined the school’s administrative advisors Rosemary Lambert and Meghan Elliott and over 300 high school students from all over the state to learn about the structure of state government and experience a busy day on Beacon Hill. Governor Deval Patrick, Attorney General Martha Coakley, and Treasurer Steve Grossman spoke to the students about democracy, education, and leadership.

During his visit, Will received a special invitation to visit Treasurer Grossman’s office, including a peek inside the old State House safe! For a future banker, this was quite an honor, and an achievement that makes Will very proud.

“My favorite part of my trip to the State House was getting a certificate, and taking pictures in Treasurer Steve Grossman’s office,” says Will. With his certificate framed and proudly displayed in his room, he is already looking forward to next year’s event!