Meet Jalisa through her Mother Sue - Parent at May School for Brain Injury and Related Disorders


Meet Sue, a very special mom. Her daughter, Jalisa, is a student at the May Center School for Brain Injury and Related Disorders, in Brockton, Mass.

In a short, two-minute video, Sue shares the story of how she opened her heart and home to Jalisa, a baby with serious medical issues, who had doctors searching for a diagnosis. Sue and her family later learned that Jalisa had Costello Syndrome, a rare disorder that affects many parts of the body. When Jalisa was diagnosed, she was one of only 25 people in the world who had been identified as having Costello Syndrome.

Educating Jalisa proved difficult. The public school, although well-meaning, found it extremely challenging to teach Jalisa and to meet her many critical needs. At the May Center School, Jalisa is growing, thriving, and blossoming, and her family is filled with hope for her future.

Learn more about Jalisa’s journey. 


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