May's youngest students benefiting from Early Learning Program


Our May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities in Randolph, Mass., unveiled updates and renovations including an enhanced Early Learning Program now housed in its own building!

The Early Learning Program focuses on developing the social, communication, and daily living skills of young students, ages 3 – 12, diagnosed with autism and other developmental disabilities. Its new location allows us to foster a culture specifically based on the needs of young students in a nurturing environment. It provides opportunities for both structured learning in the classroom and experiential learning through play and social interaction.

Our focus on serving very young children reflects current best outcomes research showing that intensive intervention and education based on ABA provide the best chance for reducing the need for long-term services. In some cases, this may facilitate successful transition back to school districts.

The new program design has also strengthened continuity of care across our school and residential settings for students who require these additional supports. Our clini- cal team provides oversight in both settings.

We look forward to celebrating many successes with the children in our Early Learning Program. Next up: the May Center School in Wilmington, Mass.!

May Institute is one of the largest providers of private schools specifically serving children with autism. Our four May Center Schools for Autism and Developmental Disabilities in Massachusetts and California offer full-day, year-round educational services to children and adolescents from preschool to age 22.