May Institute Shared Living Program Participants Honored



We are proud to announce that Naomie and Emmanuel Chery and Yessenia, participants in May Institute’s Shared Living Program, were recently honored with a 2017 Community Living Recognition Award at the 24th Annual Shared Living and Adult Family Care Conference.

Our Shared Living Program is a residential option for adults with autism, intellectual disabilities, or acquired brain injury. In shared living, clients live in typical homes with host families. With ongoing support and guidance, the household becomes a non-traditional family.

That’s what happened for Yessenia, Naomie, and Emmanuel, who were nominated for the Community Living Recognition Award for overcoming obstacles and embracing the principles of shared living.

Within months of moving in with Naomie and Emmanuel, Yessenia proclaimed, “I feel like I have a home. I feel like I am home!”

With the help and support of Naomie and Emmanuel, Yessenia’s health has improved, and she has a job that she loves. Over the past year, Yessenia’s motivation to accomplish her goals and her self-advocacy skills has been impressive.

Earlier this year, Yessenia, Naomie, Emmanuel, and their two daughters – Nayemma and Emmarlee – vacationed in the Dominican Republic. They are looking forward to their next vacation.

The Chery’s home is often filled with music, and Yessenia can be found dancing with Nayemma and Emmarlee.

It has not always been easy, but Yessenia, Naomie, and Emmanuel have embodied shared living and, as a result, all of their lives have been enriched.