May expert presents at International Forum on Treatment and Policies for ASD in China


May Institute’s Dr. Ivy Chong traveled to Beijing this summer to present two invited lectures and participate in a panel discussion at the International Forum on Treatment and Policies for Autism Spectrum Disorder. The forum was sponsored by the Ai You Foundation, China's first private foundation. The event was attended by hundreds of people and viewed online by 30,000 people in China.

Our goal was to share May Institute's experience in providing care and support for people with ASD, with an emphasis on applying applied behavior analysis (ABA) to support people with ASD. Dr. Chong presented two lectures — "Current trends in Behavior Analytic Services for children diagnosed with ASD" and "ABA and older learners with ASD: Support for transitioning into adulthood."

Experts believe that China’s autism prevalence rate is similar to that of other countries, such as the United States, making it likely that 10 million people in the country are diagnosed with autism, with an estimated 2 million of those being children.

Dr. Chong is the Senior Vice President of Home, School, and Center-based Services at May Institute.

Beijing, China 2018 - see Flickr album here.