Letter to May Staff from Lauren Concerning Hurricane Irma


Dear Colleagues,

As we recover from Hurricane Irma in Florida, our thoughts are now with our staff and the families we serve in Georgia as they ready themselves for the storm.

Preparations have been made and we have been communicating with our colleagues in Georgia. On behalf of May Institute, I want to thank the team in Georgia for their hard work - we will be thinking of you.

We were in constant contact with our staff in Florida who went above and beyond to take care of the individuals we serve, while taking care of their own families. We had to evacuate one of our residential homes on Saturday afternoon, and as of this morning none of our homes had electricity. We were informed that all of the individuals we serve are safe and doing well.

Thank you all for your dedication.

The following letter was concerning May's Florida staff

Dear Colleagues,

As many of you know, we provide services in Florida, including a Day Habilitation program and residential group homes. I have been so impressed this week with the work our staff in Florida has been doing to prepare for Hurricane Irma. These employees are caring for the individuals we serve as they themselves plan for the safety of their families.

We plan diligently for events such as these, and I know that our programs are as prepared as possible. We will be in ongoing contact with them throughout the weekend.

I know I speak on behalf of all May employees when I thank our colleagues in Florida for all they are doing. You will be on our minds and in our hearts this weekend.

We are also thinking about the families and friends of our staff who have been impacted by Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. Our Diversity and Inclusion Council will be sending out an email next week about ways to support relief efforts.


Lauren C. Solotar
President and Chief Executive Officer