Learning and Skill-building Continue During COVID-19


Prior to COVID-19, dozens of toddlers and young children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) attended our May Centers for ABA Services in multiple cities and states. Clinicians (i.e., direct therapists, Board Certified Behavior Analysts) who provide those face-to-face services have been replicating those services via telehealth sessions and in the child’s home when possible, making sure to follow safety precautions and utilize personal protective equipment (PPE). 
It’s an effective way to continue learning and skill-building with children while our physical centers are not operating as usual!
Clinicians like Carlos Lorant (pictured here) work with children and their family members in the family’s home during regularly scheduled sessions. The case supervisor (BCBA) monitors and provides guidance via Zoom during the session. 
“We’ve discovered some unique opportunities as we moved from center-based to home-based delivery of services,” says Sam Shvarts, Assistant Program Director in Wilmington, Mass. “Families are able to spend more time with their kids and they are better able to identify behaviors they want us to address, such as issues between siblings.”
“Other behaviors we can continue to target at home include activities of daily living such as toothbrushing and toilet training,” Sam explains. “Being in the home (in person or via telehealth) also means we can increase parent engagement when appropriate.” 
It’s a win-win, progress continues, and we are celebrating milestones. A shout-out to the kids, families, and clinicians who have all working hard to adapt!