Josh Says Thanks!


One of the many individuals impacted by your donations to May Institute is 5-year-old Josh. Until he was 15 months old, Josh was hitting all his developmental milestones. Then his mother, Carol, noticed that Josh was suddenly becoming less verbal and less active. Carol knew the family needed help.

When a pediatrician diagnosed Josh with autism spectrum disorder, a family member suggested they reach out to May Institute. Josh began with home visits from May’s Early Intervention staff. When he was 3 years old, he transitioned to one of our May Centers for ABA Services. 

His progress was remarkable. May staff used ABA tailored specifically to Josh’s needs to help him reach his goals focused on communication, social, play, and daily living skills. A few days a week, he would join May’s daycare center to work on his social skills in large groups. 

After two years of hard work at our center-based program, Josh transitioned to an inclusion kindergarten classroom in his hometown. He receives additional services at school as needed, and his family is thrilled with his progress. 

Your support directly impacts the children, adults and families we serve; families like Josh’s, who feel as though they have their son back thanks to May. 

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