Gifts from the Heart


Inspiration comes from countless places. For the A.J. DeBlois Family Foundation, it is the faces of the women at a May Institute adult group residence in Bridgewater, Mass., and the many committed residential, vocational, and day hab staff members responsible for their care.

After several years of use, some of the furniture at the house showed signs of wear. The Foundation’s gift, combined with other resources from May Institute, made it possible for the residents to take a trip to Bernie & Phyl’s to pick out a brand new living room set.

“The dedicated staff on the frontlines makes our decision to give an easy one,” says John DeBlois, representative of the foundation, parent, and long-time donor.
“We have had the privilege of being part of the May Institute family for over 20 years. We know firsthand what private donations are able to do for the individuals served.

We also know the profound impact this group of people has made on the emotional and behavioral growth and development of so many, including our own daughter, who turns 31 this year.”