Florida Staff Celebrate May Institute’s 60th Birthday in Style


Staff members in Orange Park, Fla., had to follow 60 steps to find their way to the 60th birthday party for May Institute recently. The partygoers enjoyed specialty cupcakes, punch, and giveaways including prize bags, t-shirts, and fleeces. Of special interest were displays of historical photos, a video of music, TV shows, and commercials from 1955, and the following inspirational quote from our founders Dr. Jacques and Marie Anne May:
“It takes more than patience, more than knowledge, more than good will, more than excellence of stamina, more than a sunny disposition, more than education. It takes a total and complete involvement with the child while you are with the child, it takes a special sensitivity to the needs of others, it takes an extraordinary kind of imagination, and it takes much love.”
Visit our 60th Anniversary site for all the photos.