Exceptional Parent magazine features May Institute services that target military families


For the past several years, May Institute’s Office of Communications has partnered with Exceptional Parent magazine to provide a series of informative articles in the military section of the magazine. The articles are targeted to families who have children with autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disabilities.

These articles are authored by Institute staff members and feature the experiences of families on military bases in the Southeast who have received services from May Institute’s Southeast Regional Autism Center in Columbus, Ga.

The first article, “May Institute Responding to the Critical Need for Autism Services,” was co-authored by Chief Clinical Officer Dennis C. Russo, Ph.D., ABPP, and Vice President of Communications, Eileen Pollack, M.A. It featured Major Bill Nelson, his wife Karen, their son Peyton, and May Institute behavior therapist Jade Lewis, B.S., BCBA. It was published in December 2007.

Since then, six additional articles have been published in the magazine’s military section. These articles have covered a variety of topics – choosing effective treatments, dealing with stress, helping children with autism have successful community outings, building life skills with children with Asperger’s syndrome, and reviewing conditions that co-occur with Asperger’s syndrome.

Our most recent article – “The Team Approach to Helping Children with Autism Succeed at Home, School, and in the Community,” will be published in October 2009. It was co-authored by Anne Stull, M.A., BCBA-D and Senior Writer Patricia Ladew.

Ms. Stull is a licensed psychological associate and a board certified behavior analyst. She served as Clinical Director and Senior Behavior Analyst at May Institute’s Southeast Regional Autism Center outside Fort Benning before relocating to North Carolina to open May Institute’s second Center in August 2009. This new Center serves Marine Corps families at Camp LeJeune and the surrounding area who have children with autism.