Dr. Matt Riley Kicks off May Center School's Virtual Graduation


To kick off our virtual graduation ceremony this year, Dr. Matt Riley, the new Executive Director of the May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities in Randolph, Mass., gave a beautiful opening speech. He ended the speech talking directly to the graduates:

“I want to address our graduates. I’m very, very sad to not have had more time with you. But I know that you have all worked incredibly hard, and that you will continue to work incredibly hard, on your goals.

I want you all to know that this family you have been a part of for many, many years will continue to be your family. We are all rooting for you along the way. We know that the next steps that you will take will be incredible, and there will be exciting things in your future. We hope you will come back and visit us and stay in touch.

We are so excited for you and this accomplishment, and we celebrate you and all the hard work that you have done over the course of the years.

Thank you so much again to our families, our staff, our guardians, and especially our graduates. You are all incredible people, and this is an amazing time for us to come together as a group -- albeit virtually! -- and celebrate what you have done.”

— Dr. Matt Riley