Dr. Cynthia Anderson Co-edits New Book on Parent-Child Interaction Therapy: Behavior Analysts at May Co-Author Five Chapters


Dr. Cynthia Anderson, Senior Vice President of Applied Behavior Analysis at May Institute, is co-editor of a new handbook on parent-based interventions for young children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

The book explores the use of Parent-Child Interaction Therapy for families of young children with ASD. Parent-Child Interaction Therapy is an evidence-based and manualized intervention for children who exhibit disruptive behavior; there is emerging evidence supporting its use for children with ASD. 

Dr. Anderson edited the first two sections of the handbook, which present the conceptual foundations of evidence-based approaches (Part 1) and contemporary evidence-based interventions (Part 2).

May Institute behavior analysts: (Dr. Abbey Carreau; Sarah Frampton; Dr. Brittany Juban; Dr. Whitney L. Kleinert; Serra Langone; Dr. Ryan Martin; Dr. Yannick Schenk; Dr. Alice Shillingsburg; Dr. Sarah Weddle; and Dr. Jennifer Zarcone) authored severalof the chapters in these two sections (see below – May Institute authors’ names are highlighted).

Chapter 4  “The Importance of Parent-Child Interactions in Social Communication Development and Considerations for Autism Spectrum Disorders,” M. Alice Shillingsburg and Brittany Juban

Chapter 5  “Measuring the Effects of Medication for Individuals with Autism,” Jennifer Zarcone, Annette Griffith, and Chrystal Jansz Rieken

Chapter 6 “Unsubstantiated Interventions for Autism Spectrum Disorder,” Yannick A. SchenkRyan J. MartinWhitney L. Kleinert, Shawn P. Quigley, and Serra R. Langone

Chapter 11  “Function-Based Interventions for Problem Behavior: Treatment Decisions and Feasibility Considerations,” Sarah A. Weddle and Abbey B. Carreau

Chapter 26  “Clinical Application of Parent-Child Interaction Therapy to Promote Play and Vocalizations in Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Case Study and Recommendations,” M. Alice Shillingsburg, Bethany Hansen, and Sarah Frampton