Discovering Cultural Sensitivity


May Institute’s Diversity & Inclusion Council recently hosted Dr. Hugo Kamya, a professor of clinical practice, trauma, and narrative therapies at Simmons College of Social Work. Dr. Kamya is originally from Uganda. His current research and work focuses on the impact of war on children and families living in war zones. More than 40 employees from across the organization attended his hour-long talk entitled, "Engaging Differences: Listening and Celebrating the Power and Voice of our Stories."  

Dr. Kamya reminded us that cultural sensitivity is a continual process that can be enhanced, but never completed. In our quest to develop cultural sensitivity, we must be prepared to deal with the inevitable discomfort that arises as we discover and challenge our own stereotypes and blind spots. He discussed how preconceived notions often dismiss individual differences that exist in every culture, group, and community and ultimately undermine our desire to become more culturally sensitive.