Climbing to New Heights - Shiba-dang!


Two students from the May Center School for Brain Injury and Related Disorders in Brockton, Mass., have been climbing to new heights at the new Central Rock indoor climbing gym in Randolph!

Since its doors opened on October 1st, the new climbing gym has provided the perfect opportunity for Will Haas and Patrick Danese to work on physical and mental growth. With each successful climb, these young men gain confidence and feel pride in something challenging being accomplished. More importantly, the gym offers a space where Will and Patrick can simply be two guys doing what they love, just like everyone else in the gym.

The climbing gym also offers them a place to join a community. Central Rock staff like General Manager Jack Hardy create a positive and inclusive environment where it is commonplace to talk to a fellow climber about gear, technique, and all things climbing. It didn't take long for Patrick and Will to learn everyone's names and participate in encouraging strangers up the wall. As Patrick frequently states, "Don't say can't, you are doubting yourself." Both now certified belayers, Will and Patrick can gear themselves up and take turns belaying for each other. It is an excellent exercise in teamwork, communication, support, and trust.

After one particular climb he had attempted several times; Will stated proudly, "I can tell my dad I accomplished something." Five years from now, Will and Patrick might not remember every single climb they finish, but they will always have the confidence of seeing a seemingly impossible 40-foot obstacle and knowing they can reach the top if they keep working at it. 

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Pat's approach for his invert free climb.