A Tribute to Joyce Keenan, RN


Our long-time friend and co-worker Joyce Keenan passed away on June 9, 2010. She worked at the Geriatric-Day Adult Day Health Program in West Roxbury for the past 24 years.

Joyce served as the program nurse, but she was much more than that. Her talents were on display everywhere from the kitchen to the garden as she led groups in cooking, baking, gardening, photography, and quilting. She made the program feel like home.

Everyone enjoyed the aromas wafting from her cooking group on Friday afternoons. People passing the kitchen would peek in and ask, “What is that heavenly smell?” They always made everything from scratch, nothing from a box. Throughout the year, the clients and staff of Geri-Day program looked forward to the many special lunches provided by the group—from appetizers to desserts, all financially provided by Joyce.

Joyce cared for the Geri-Day clients with respect, dignity, and love; she always went above and beyond. She made every client feel special. She always made time for each one of them and all of their needs.

Joyce’s dedication and work ethics were outstanding. Our Geri-Day program and May Institute are proud that she was part of our team. Due to her excellent performance, Joyce was a recipient of the Trustees’ Fund Award in 1999.

Working with Joyce for the past 24 years was a blessing and a gift. Her selflessness was bountiful. She was an inspiration to everyone fortunate enough to have known her.

Joyce will be missed by all of us here, but the memories will always remain in our hearts and minds.

Maria Russo
Geri-Day Director