A “Moving” Birthday Celebration!


Ashley and Samantha, young women who live at a May Institute adult residence in Holbrook, shared a memorable birthday celebration this past summer. Dressed up as princesses and surrounded by flowers, balloons, gifts, and treats, the two smiled and waved as a long line of cars filled with family, friends, and representatives from all the May residences on the South Shore drove by to wish them a happy birthday.

Many of the cars in the motorcade were decorated with balloons and homemade happy birthday signs. Local police were in attendance to provide an escort for the parade, and ended up directing traffic!

“There were so many cars,” said Hannah Kaine, Program Coordinator for the residence, and organizer of the event. “And so many family members came! Some brought gifts; some brought birthday cards. Of course we followed COVID protocol. Everyone wore masks and practiced social distancing.”

Hannah and other staff set up two tables in the front yard – one for Ashley and one for Samantha. Ashley’s sister wrote poems on a black board that they placed in front of Ashley’s table.

“It was so beautiful – a real community effort,” Hannah said. “Ashley and Samantha really appreciated it.”

See all of the party photos here.