A Community of Caring


Declan is one of our ambassadors of community service. He came to the May Center School for Brain Injury and Related Disorders (visit website) when he was 9 years old. A rare brain tumor and the resulting brain injury altered the course of his life at a young age. He faced significant health threats and behavioral issues, and his family coped with ever more demanding challenges. Now 18, Declan has beaten his cancer not once, but twice.

In this brief video below, Declan’s mother Beth, and Declan, speak about the central role the May has played in helping him to learn and grow and to feel confident of his own role in his community.
“(The May) offers so many different ways to reach your goals in life – not only inside the school, but outside in the community. They work hard to try to figure out who you are, and help you grow,” says Declan.
Beth has watched her son gain the skills and confidence to become a fulfilled, contributing member of society. “The May has helped shape Declan by never giving up on him. They always presented opportunities to him to give back, when he thought he had nothing to offer.”
An enthusiastic volunteer in May’s community service programs, Declan is a leader among his peers. He understands how important it is to give back. “We work at Brockton Lanes helping elderly people who can’t physically pick up the bowling balls,” says Declan. “We collect trash at school for the recycling center. We help feed people at a homeless shelter in Brockton. It’s very rewarding to think that you can help someone. It makes me feel good inside, and has a big impact in my life.”